MYMP Gets Electrified

MYMP Gets Electrified

If there was one local acoustic act that made it to my playlist, it’s MYMP. They just don’t make an acoustic version of a song, they make it their own. MYMP plays it and sings it as if it was theirs. The reason behind it is that the songs they choose have been a part of their life. It has affected them in one way or another.

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In over ten years MYMP has gone through a lot of ups and downs but continues to play songs that we love hear, and the songs that we love to sing. This time, for their 10th anniversary album, they are going to electrify us with their new sound.

mymp 2

Our music and concept in our previous albums were always centered on the acoustic sound and in this album we would like to introduce to our listeners our new “sound”. Instead of just being “unplugged” or being limited to acoustic guitar, we wanted to be amplified hence the term “electrified”.  We wanted to add more electric instruments and other instruments as well. We wanted to explore“ said Chin Alcantara, MYMP’s band leader and vocalist.

Just like everyone else, I thought that MYMP is an acoustic duo. It is actually a band, consists of MYMP consists of Chin Alcantara on guitars and vocals, Ibey Haber on bass, Hannche Bobis on keyboards, Joel Tolentino on drums, and a new addition to the family Jana Laraza on vocals. She may be small and young, but she has an amazing vocal power. Here’s a sample , playing “Bakit Ba Ganyan?” from their latest album Electrified.

MYMP not only produces great remakes but they have also have a talent for writing original songs, which I believe she they should do more often. It was how they got noticed in the first place with their original song, A Little Bit.

With the release of MYMP’s new album, the band is preparing a tour that will feature radio promotion and mall shows around and outside the country. Electrified is now available in stores nationwide released by Galaxy Records distributed by PolyEast Records and on digital format.

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The 10-song offering includes:

1.) Too Many Broken Hearts
2.) Just A Smile Away
3.) You’re In Love
4.) Gravity
5.) Givin’ Up On You
6.) Tell Me
7.) How Much I Love You
8.) Unwritten
9.) Bakit Ba Ganyan
10.) Electrified

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