Neltex Pipe Lining Sustainability

I’ve never attended WorldBex because I don’t see any reason for me to do so, unless I wanted to build a skyscraper or my own mall. For those who don’t know, Worldbex is Philippines’ most comprehensive building and construction show. You’ll see pipes, babes, paints, tiles, cement, and more booth babes. It wasn’t the booth babes I was after, I was there to visit Neltex.


Around a year ago we had all electrical wires replaced because they were already old and the connections have to be rearranged. We also replaced our fuse box with a circuit breaker for safety. During that time, I had the electrician decide what to buy because he knows best. Little did I know that there more to it that just pipe sizes and length.



Neltex is lead-free and tested to als for 50 years. They have found a way to remove all harmful content but still maintain its toughness and durability. Toxic substances such as Lead, Tin, Mercury, and Cadmium which are normally found in pipes are no longer found in Neltex pipes. I wouldn’t want my water to pass through a pipe with a high lead content.



I also discovered a few more things about pipes, like a pipe that is specifically for hot/cold water system, the Neltex PP-R. It can maintain cold water (20°C) and hot water (95°C). This pipe will last for 49 years.


The Neltex Pressure line is the pipe used for installations in various subdivisions, golf courses, and water utilities because of its Powe Lock System.  The Power Lock System allows it to perform equally well during positive and negative pulsations. This guarantees zero leakage.


Neltex also has pipes for underground electric wiring system, this are for subdivisions or parks that does not want electric posts.


Aside from pipes Neltex also has fiber glass, pvc doors, and pvc window panels.


Next you need pipes for your house project, don’t just leave it to your worker. Make sure you know the brand they are buying. I honestly didn’t know that these pipes have brands, they all look the same to me. Make sure your pipes are tough and lead-free. You will be drinking water coming from it, and taking a bath from its water too. Neltex Pipes are tested for your peace of mind.

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