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Admit it, we all have that itch to step on the gas pedal because our roads are always clogged. We have a need for speed, which is why we burn rubber every time there is an opportunity. If you want to race, it’s going to be a very expensive hobby. The most common way to feed our need for acceleration is in the digital world through racing games like Gran Turismo.


Now the good news, Nissan and Gran Turismo came up with the brightest idea known to the gaming industry, they have broughtg gamers to the real world of racing through the Nissan GT Academy.


Nissan GT Academy started in 2008 and since then they have produced 21 winners, 11 pro racing contract, a $5 million dollar prize fund, 2 Lemans Podium, and 86 pro racing podiums by GT Academy winners. In six years, Nissan GT Academy has had 35 countries participating by sending their entries and on their seventh season they have included the Philippines in their search for the next speedster.

Nissan GT Academy 2

All you need to do is download the registration form HERE and check out the schedule of live events to ride the pods and put your racing skills to the test.

Nissan GT Academy 1

Be among the Top 20 Players to achieve the best performance during the live events and be invited to compete in the National Finals where players will be trimmed down to 6 players based on their performance during challenges and tests. The top 6 Filipino Players will go bumper-to-bumper with the best Gran Turismo drivers of other Asian countries (Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and India) in Silverstone, UK. The best player in Asia will join other international finalists in a rigorous training program at Silverstone. We were lucky enough to be able to hear racing tips from 2014 GT Academy Champion Ricardo Sanchez.

We were lucky enough to be able to hear racing tips from 2014 GT Academy Champion Ricardo Sanchez. I don’t know if it’s a global standard, but I believe our driver’s motto also applies to him – “Basta driver, sweet lover.” Actually the girls are smiling at me, even if they are with Ricardo. Yes, because I am taking their photos.

Nissan GT Academy 3

I didn’t try out the racing pods during the launch because I got distracted by Nissan’s PR Officer, Sara Andrea de Guzman smile, it got my engines running. I’ll just leave the race to the experts, I am just happy to be in the passenger seat as long she’s driving.

Nissan GT Academy 4

If you have what it takes to be a Nissan champion, visit Nissan GT Academy’s live events and put your racing skills to the test.

Update: Here’s our Top 20 as of May 3, 2015

Nissan GT Academy 5

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