Oishi, Sandwich and RockEd Philippines Surprises Glorietta Food Court

Just a day, just an ordinary day, just tryin’ to get by. Vanessa Carlton was right. It was an ordinary lunch at Glorietta. People from the offices nearby goes to Glorietta to eat lunch along with their office friends. Some eat at fast food restaurants and some at the food court.

On the photo above you’ll see an Oishi kiosk with no attendee. Then lunch people heard a commotion. A girl was given a surprise birthday cake by her friends but wanted the impossible. She wanted to have a band play right there, now.

Then she showed up. Gang Badoy – founder of RockEd Philippines. It was a actually a surprise Rock Flash Mob by Oishi and RockEd Philippines with non other than Sandwich! Truly an “O WoW!” it made lunch even yummier. They didn’t have to wait until Friday night to party. The party was brought right in Food Court.

The regular lunch became an O, Wow! lunch that made people get up and rock the lunch away.

 During the concert there were O Wow Oishi goodies given to the lucky people dining in the food court.

It was really a surprising lunch at the food court. I bet they are thankful they didn’t eat somewhere else. Food court has it’s surprises. Thanks to Oishi for the  O, Wow! moments! Check out the previous surprises by Oishi here.



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