Old Orchard Cranberry Juice

Old Orchard Cranberry Juice

Next to calamansi, cranberry is my preferred juice drink. Not mainly because of the its natural benefits but because of the taste. I like my drinks sweet and soury which is why I was glad I was sent a two gallons of cranberry juice from Old Orchard.

Old Orchard Cranberry Juice is available in 3 delicious variants: Cranberry, Apple Cranberry and Cranberry Raspberry. There are also diabetic-friendly variants that contain 75% less sugar and only 20 calories: Healthy Balance Cranberry and Healthy Apple Balance.

Old Orchard Cranberry Juices are grown, harvested, and packed in a modern facility in Michigan, USA, where the great-tasting and perfect blends of juices are whipped up daily. You can be sure that every drop is healthy and stable before even reaching your glasses.


Old Orchard’s juices are pure cranberry juice. It isn’t watered down and it is also unsweetened. I served it with ice cubes though because my kids find it too sour.


One of the main health benefits of drinking Cranberry Juice is that it helps prevent Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) from occurring and worsening, as cranberries are a rich source of Flavonoid and Phytonutrient contents called hippuric acid and proanthocyanidin,which provide antioxidant and antimicrobial benefits.


Old Orchard is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation. It is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide. Connect with Old Orchard at Facebook.com/healthyfruitjuicesPH. Learn more at www.oldorchard.com.