OMF Literature is Now Flipping Pages with Ebooks

OMF Literature is Now Flipping Pages with Ebooks

Seeing my kids read book brings a smile to my heart when all the other children watch television or play video games. It wasn’t hard to get them interested in books – lead by example. Seeing us reading books, and reading them stories they can relate to had them interested. I rarely read any fairy tale to them, probably not one.

taken August 2009
taken August 2009

We started collecting them around 5 or 6 years ago. What got us interested is that these books were both in Filipino and English and the book contains stories that they can relate to. Like toothaches, birthdays, eating vegetables and even slippers; none of the “Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away lived a prince/princess…” opening line. Every month we purchase around 2 books a month and more during special occasions(birthdays, Christmas, school merits).  It wasn’t hard to choose which one to purchase, we read them first and if we believe that they will relate to it and learn from it they we get it.  The children’s book we have in our shelf is probably 200 now and most of them local.

left: August 2011right: June 2012
left: August 2011 right: June 2012

In the past two years there was a huge decline in the number of books we purchase mainly because of the lose of quality of the local children’s book. Because of it’s popularity many authors and publishers just jumped on the bandwagon and published of books, sacrificing quality.  They have forgotten who they’re writing for, the children.

There’s was only one series that we still collect, Grace D. Chong’s Oh, Mateo! Palanca-award winning creator of one of the most-loved children’s book character in the Philippines, Mateo.

asd (31 of 35)
just had them signed recently

Oh, Mateo! is part of the OMF Literature Publishing who, as their mission states: “To publish, import, and market books, other literary materials and related merchandise that are Christ-centered, biblically sound and culturally relevant in proclaiming the Gospel, making disciples, equipping Church leaders and drawing all, particularly the youth, to the Lord.

OMF (21 of 26)

While other books entertain and teach children how to do chores, wear slippers properly or not pee in their beds; their books teaches the most valuable lesson –  to be God’s child.

52 weeks
I have yet to buy this

Because of the popularity of smart phones and tablets OMF Literature decided to jump in and created eBooks. In celebration of their 55th year anniversay, OMF  Literature launched their digital publishing line.

OMF (24 of 26)

Some of the Ebook titles available

I attended their Blogger’s Night event announcing the launch of Ebooks. I came early, as usual, and everyone was very accommodating. All smiles, everyone greets you, asks your name gets to know you. It was a friendly environment. After a few minutes, as what’s expected of them, the program started with a prayer, a solemn one. I felt it.

OMF (4 of 26)

I got the chance to know the authors behind the award winning books and of course our favorite children’s book after the fun activity we had.

OMF (9 of 26)

OMF (15 of 26)

OMF (19 of 26)

aaa (2 of 2)
Fan mode with Grace D Chong

Reading a book is good, but reading a good book is better. Start your kids early, get them interested and let them experience the joy of reading.

asd (34 of 35)
with Ador Mateo Dacanay Jr.

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