Once Upon a Dream

Dreams are outlets of our emotions.  According to Cinderella, a dream is a wish your heart makes.  What’s in a dream?

Last night, around midnight, our son woke up.  He said he had a bad dream and does not want to go back to sleep fearing that it would continue.  He does not want to tell us what it was all about.  We prayed together to drive the bad dreams away and to make him feel better.  It took 30 minutes before he fell back to sleep.  Earlier today I found myself surfing the web about dreams and these are what I found out.

  • The word dream was derived from the word dreme meaning joy and music.
  • The Scientific study of dream is called Oneirology.
  • Toddlers do not dream about themselves.  They do not appear in their own dreams until their 3 or 4 years of age.
  • When a person snores, he is not dreaming.
  • Everybody dreams, we just don’t remember it.
  • If a person is born blind, he/she only dreams of sounds and emotions.
  • If a person went blind on a later part of their lives, the intensity of the colors they see will depend on when they last see  colors
  • 5 minutes at the end of the dream 50% is forgotten.
  • After 10 minutes, 90% is lost.

Famous Dreams

Abraham Lincoln – He dreamt hearing people sobbing from the East Wing of the White House.  He wandered around and saw people weeping.  When he asked who is dead in the white house.   The guard said “The President, he was assassinated.”

Paul McCartney woke up with the tune in his head along with some unclear lyrics.  He completed the tune and the song Yesterday was composed.

Joseph the Dreamer – He dreamt of seven fat cattle came out to feed, followed by seven lean cattle, who devoured the fat cattle. After this, seven good ears of corn were eaten by seven thin and ragged ears of corn. Joseph accurately said that these dreams prophesied seven prosperous years, to be followed by seven years of famine. Pharaoh used this analysis to good advantage by storing safely the excess grain in the good years, so that in the subsequent famine, his people had food in reserve to draw upon people had food in reserve to draw upon.

Sweet dreams everybody.

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