Are You Ready For Christmas?

Three more days. It’ll be three more days before I start hanging those long green garlands that are on hibernation for 10 months every year. The balls and the bells, the stars, the cute little gift boxes, the candy cane, the big fat, bearded man in red and of course the lights. Let’s not forget the lights; red, blue, green, white and yellow. Some of the them came with an electronic box that plays familiar music. It brings me back to my teens when every day during the month of December, I wake up at 4:00 AM get out of bed then goes straight to the living room. I keep the room lights out then lit up the Christmas tree and tune the radio in to 90.7 Love Radio because they play non stop Christmas Songs for an hour. If radio isn’t available I just turn the music box the lights came with it. Sometimes, if available, I make myself a cup of hot chocolate to add warmth to the joy I was feeling. At 5:00 AM I go back to sleep happy.


It’s amazing that I still do the same thing after all this years. No, I don’t wake up at 4:00 AM or else I’ll be half asleep working. I still listen to Christmas songs(who doesn’t?), even during summer. I listen to it to get inspired, it pushes me to do better because every year, I want to have a better Christmas than the ones we had last year.  I listen to it every time I need a push.

Out of all the Christmas songs out there, I listen to OPM Christmas songs. Original songs – not revival, or remakes of any foreign Christmas song. I also try to stay away from traditional Christmas songs, I still like them though. At the moment here are my favorite OPM Christmas songs/albums:

  • Paskong Walang Katulad (album) – Ariel Rivera
  • Pasko nAPO (album) – APO Hiking Society
  • Nakaraang Pasko – Kuh Ledesma
  • Miss Kita Kung Christmas – Susan Fuentes
  • Pasko Na Sinta Ko – Gary Valenciano
  • Christmas In Our Hearts – Jose Mari Chan
  • Perfect Christmas – Jose Mari Chan
  • Christmas Won’t Be The Same Without You – Martin Nievera
  • Fruitcake (album) – Eraserheads
  • Ngayong Pasko – Sitti Navarro
  • Pasko I & II (album) – Ryan Cayabyab with the Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Simbang Gabi – Grin Department
  • Star Ng Pasko – Marcus and Amber Davis (ABS-CBN Station ID)
  • (I saw Juris’ Christmas album, it’s all original, I’ll try to get one before December)
  • There are a lot more, I’ll update the post when I remember.

Those wonderful decorations, colorful blinking lights and the letters B-E-R in our calendar is when TV stations starts the Christmas countdown. I believe it is also the time to ask yourself, what have you done this year? Will you have a better Christmas this year?

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