The Best of The Sea On Your Tables

There may be many fishes in the sea, but there is no fresher catch than the ones at Pacific Bay Choice Seafood. Each catch is prepared and sealed with the home kitchen in mind, perfectly portioned for home cooking. You get to prepare premium seafood dishes that you have been wanting to cook.

Pacific Bay

I was able to taste the wide variety of seafood offered by Pacific Bay cooked by different chefs at Pacific Bay’s Foodfest  – “Waves of Flavor“. Chefs from  restaurants and even students from the country’s prestigious culinary school, CCA. This the best foodfest I have been in to this year.

Arrozabanda by Vask.

Pacific Bay 5

The soft shell crab are sweet and succulent. Good for salads, maki or tempura. Jerome Valencia’s Soft shell crab in a stick is a great example of how you can be gastronomically creative with soft shell crabs.

Pacific Bay 13

TheFirm and tender US Bay Scallop meat best seared or pan fried. Serve as a topping on your favorite meal.Seared scallops with lardon and leek fondue. The scallops are firm and tender from the US Bay.

Pacific Bay 7

The students from CCA prepared seared scallops, sea bass, bacalao and organic greens and chilled pacific bay tuna which are premium cut yellow fin tuna.

Pacific Bay 9

Pacific Bay 8

The guys from Red Kitchen + Bar prepared softshell crab – spider po boy and scallops ceviche salad. The salad is a upscale version of kinilaw using Pacific Bay’s scallops.

Pacific Bay 11

Pacific Bay 10

Bait’s Seafood Kitchen also made their own softshell crab sandwich, the softshell chili crab roll.

Pacific Bay 14

The people from Mayons created Grilled shrimp soft taco with avocado salsa and crispy calamares fritters.

Pacific Bay 15

Seared scallops bruschetta with truffle cheese sauce & caviar

Pacific Bay 12

Hot Seafood Dip.

Pacific Bay 16

Pacific Bay 6

The wide variety of products offered by Pacific Bay suits any budget and any occasion. One might choose Pacific Bay for simple daily meals, or for special occassions. Easy to store, easy to cook, Pacific Bay practically does all the work for the home cook.

“We only buy from certified plants,” reveals Enrique Valles, President of Pacific Bay. “The company works very closely with the Food and Drug Association and runs its own facility which strictly abides by mandated manufacturing practices. Quality inspections of equipment and personnel for food handling and safety are done regularly. ‘‘

It’s available in leading supermarkets, my only problem is learning how to cook them the way the chefs did because all I know is frying them.

Pacific Bay 1

Pacific Bay 2

Pacific Bay 4

Pacific Bay 3

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