PalawanPay, the innovative e-wallet app from the trusted and leading Palawan Group of Companies, celebrates a remarkable milestone with 15 million delighted users in less than two years, solidifying its position as one of the fastest-growing e-wallet apps in the Philippines. This impressive growth is a testament to the organization’s unwavering commitment to constant innovation and placing the needs of its “sukis” (loyal customers) at the heart of its business, aligning seamlessly with the evolving digital finance landscape.

Reflecting on this accomplishment, Third Librea, PalawanPay’s Business Executive Officer exclaims, “This underscores the growing confidence people have in PalawanPay. We have consistently aimed to cater to the needs of our ‘sukis’.  With the surge in digital wallets, introducing our own e-wallet app became a natural progression, enabling us to provide fast, safe, and secure money transfers. We steadfastly uphold our brand promise of ‘mura, mabilis, at walang kuskos balungos na serbisyo’ (affordable, fast, and hassle-free service).”

True to its promise, PalawanPay has expanded its services to meet the demands of its digital-savvy customers. The app offers a comprehensive suite of services, including seamless fund transfers, efficient bills payments, quick e-loading, and a reliable integrated QRPH scan-to-pay feature, catering to the growing trend of cashless transactions.

Putting value on customer feedback and having the desire to provide convenience, PalawanPay has included pawn renewal and claiming of international remittance in their app. These two are the most popular services in Palawan Pawnshop and Palawan Express Pera Padala, respectively. The pawn renewal feature allows customers to conveniently renew their “sangla” (pawned items) anytime and anywhere, providing flexibility. They can either renew online or in any of over 3,300 Palawan Pawnshop branches. The international remittance service, on the other hand, offers an accessible, fast, secure, and efficient method for OFWs’ families to claim remittances from PalawanPay’s international partners or through the extensive network of over 6,000 branches and authorized agents nationwide. 

PalawanPay offers more affordable cash-in and cash-out fees compared to other e-wallets. The app provides free cash-in for the first P10,000 in single or accumulated transactions every month, with a 1% charge if the transaction exceeds the P10,000 limit, significantly lower than the 2% charged by other e-wallets. The cash-out fee is also significantly lower up to 53% compared to other e-wallets. 

“Sukis” can be assured that there is sufficient fund availability for cash out. It promises “cash agad ang tanggap” (receive money immediately) when customers cash out at any Palawan Express branch, ensuring a swift and hassle-free experience. 

Additionally, PalawanPay opens its services to minors (ages 13-17) and foreigners living in the Philippines, making it more inclusive. Given this, they also get to enjoy the ease of being able to send money anytime anywhere to any Palawan Express Pera Padala branch with the Send to PEPP feature of PalawanPay. Not only that, but ProtekTODO products which is the Palawan Group of Companies’ affordable personal accident insurance will also soon be available in the app allowing “sukis” to protect their loved ones and provide them with extra security. PalawanPay definitely aims to make Filipinos’ lives more comfortable, secure, and convenient.

Committed to providing the best customer care experience, PalawanPay ensures accessibility through multiple platforms for customer inquiries and concerns. Whether through phone, email, live chat, or Facebook Messenger, the Palawan Group of Companies extends its support network to cater to diverse communication preferences. Also, customers can seek assistance at any Palawan Pawnshop – Palawan Express Pera Padala branch. 

The aforementioned features and comprehensive customer service further reinforce PalawanPay’s commitment to prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of its ”sukis”. Achieving the 15 million milestone in less than two years is a testament to how Filipinos appreciate the convenience and benefits the app provides. The Palawan Group of Companies continuously works towards its journey of widespread financial inclusion and digital empowerment. 

Join the growing community of delighted users by downloading the PalawanPay App today and experience seamless, reliable, and innovative financial services at your fingertips.