Pampanga Food Tour Part 1 – Kusina Matua Nang Atching Lillian Borromeo

In recognition of the and in appreciation of Filipino food, Electrolux has included Pampanga in their Discover-E campaign. A campaign that promotes culinary discoveries by sharing them through instagram.


It was just a few weeks ago when we had a culinary tour in the cooking capital of the Philippines, Pampanga. The people of Pampanga are known to be the best cooks that’s why aside from heritage tours, tourists are more likely to go on food tour. Believe me, you’ll be able to discover more about them with their food.

Our first stop is the kitchen of a woman that truly exemplifies what a Kapampangan is, a crook.

gloria macapagal arroyo

Sorry, I mean a cook. A master of his/her kitchen.

Our first stop, for our breakfast, was at Kusina Matua Nang Atching Lillian Borromeo. I’ve met her before during another tour with the Samsung Galaxy Camera.

Atching Lilian has been featured in magazines, books and TV shows. For me, she’s the best example of a Kapampangan,  and not the woman in the photo above.

Atching Lilian (13 of 42)

She is one jolly woman that loves to cook and tell stories. As soon as we entered the gate, we were welcomed with a warm smile and at the same time she was already describing what she has prepared for us. She was like a mother excited to see her children because she prepared something special for them.

The place was very homey with a pre-Spanish looking house and a huge backyard. The backyard is where guests eat and where she does her cooking and baking demos.

Pampanga (1)

The place is surrounded with artifacts that are more than a hundred years old most of which she inherited from her grandparents.  I feel like I was inside a museum, it’s just that I can touch everything on display.

Atching Lilian (1 of 42)

Atching Lilian (22 of 42)

Atching Lilian (41 of 42)


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