Experience The Power of Three at Paradizoo

Experience The Power of Three at Paradizoo

Close to heaven. That’s what I felt when we visited Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite. The cold breeze because of the altitude and Taal Lake. The touch of green adds a few more degrees of coolness to the temperature and the variety of colorful flowers provides an added attraction to an already awesome sight. Approximately 10 hectares of awesomeness.


Paradizoo is part of the Zommanity Group which also owns Zoobic Safari and Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Pampanga to name a few. What we were there for was for the re-unfolding the annual “Power of Three” celebration. Being a theme farm, Paradizoo showcases their floral, vegetable and agri-livestock fair in the Power of Three.

We started the tour with visiting the farm animals and we get to do things that we city dwellers don’t do or didn’t have the chance to do.  We began with milking a goat. Yup milking a goat. It’s not hard as it seems, it only feels awkward to be squeezing the goat’s udder. I’m sure she feels awkward too and embarrassed at the same time. I purposely hid the goat’s face as she requested.

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Aside form milking the goat you also get to shave a sheep’s wool. If squeezing the goat’s udder is awkward, shaving the sheep’s wool is scary. Scared that we may already shaving the skin. I guess that was is what the guide is for, to make sure that we don’t leave the sheep wounded.

A Livestock Festival is set on Feb 23 to March 3  where you get to milk a goat, ride the horse, and watch a hen lay an egg. Milk and Cheese Festival is on March 2 and 3.

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Paradizoo is home to a lot of farm animals, they even have a deer and it’s also a sanctuary to the famous five-legged bull which was featured in numerous TV shows and clippings.

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The second part of the tour was a floral parade. From household flowers to flowers that we rarely see or we haven’t seen at all. Some can be find in text books and magazines. Paradizoo have them all taken care of. I can;t remember when the last time I saw the flower Forget Me Not.

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Flower Festival starts Jan 19 up to Feb 15 where you get to witness flower arrangement demos and bonsai making. We were given a glimpse of it that day and you would want to take home those flowers and bonsai or better yet make your own. Impress you’re loved one with your flower arrangement skill this coming valentine.

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The last part of our tour to Paradizoo are the vegetables. They have an wide array of vegetables. They even have a Bahay Kubo section where they have all the vegetables in the lyrics. You can sing along while touring it.

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Veggie Festival is from Feb 16 to Feb 22. Plant a coffee, cabbage, or whatever vegetable they have available for the workshop.

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Other attractions include the Bee Farm, Butterfly Farm, Perpetual Park Pet Cemetery, and they recently added Greyhound Racing as an added attraction. What’s not to miss is the beautiful Infinity Pond.

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Paradizoo is also perfect for educational field trips, camping and family outings. They have amenities available for your every needs. They soon will be launching three more amenities – the Wedding Pavilion, Boot Camp and Noah’s Ark.

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Paradizoo will be having they’re own Chinese New Year Festival on Feb  10 with the Snake Show, Fire Dance and Sky Lantern, different Fortune Teller, Feng Shui Expert and Astrologist on site for consultation and cast your wish with Paper Money Burning.

If you want to be one with nature, this is the closest to nature that you can get. You have the mountains and lakes around you, you have the animals, trees and the flowers within reach. Escape the sound of buses honking, smog blocking you nostrils, or sight of your boss. Get away from it all.

You too can witness the Power of Three at Paradizoo. For inquiries please call 899-9824; 898-3695; txt: 0917-8351111. Visit their website at www.zoomanity.com.ph check out their facebook page for news and promos https://www.facebook.com/zoomanitygroup or follow them on twitter @zoomanitygroup.

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