Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria

Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria

(Press Release) – Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria serves Italian cuisine and specializes in its one of a kind Napoletana Pizza. The restaurant is named after the famous cheese – the Parmigiano-Reggiano or commonly known as Parmesan.

Parmigiano offers Italian dishes that are infused with this renowned ingredient. Parmigiano boasts of its signature Napoletana-style crust pizza which is cooked at a minimum of 90 seconds, to perfectly achieve a crisp edge and a soft and chewy middle. Some of the popular favorites include Tre SalsicciaQuatro Formaggi and Gamberetti con Rucola. Other authentic Italian classics that are being served are Bistecca Alla Florentina, Pasta Al Aragosta, Risotto Ala Parmigiana, and Panna Cotta.


Parmigiano has recently partnered up with Chef Giovan Guiseppe Ferrandino for an Italian 5-course meal called Traditional Italian Plate. Chef Giovan specially prepared the meals to take customers into a gastronomic journey to the different parts of Italy.
Chef Giovan is from Naples, Italy and has extensive experience in Mechelin-starred restaurants across different countries such as Italy, Germany, France, Monaco and Switzerland. He also helped develop the concept for Rossopomodoro, a chain of Italian pizza restaurants with over 120 outlets worldwide.


At P1,100 per head, customers gets to choose their antipasto: Brochettas, caprese, veal donato, ansipasto delo chef, mixed pizza. For Soup, choices of Mushroom soup, zucchini w meatballs, beans soup with prawns. On Pasta they can choose from Pasta gamberetti, pasta flour cheese, pasta pordini, pasta with artichokes with tuna or pasta with asparagus w/ egg delo chef. The Main course gives customers wide choices of Porchetta, Lamb vicientina, Fish fillet. Galione Porkloin w almond or Chicken parmigiano. To cap of the meal, customers can choose Flan chocolate fundant or Cannoli siciciliana syle for dessert. The Traditional Italian Plate is for reservations only.

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The store also carries 30 varieties of wines to perfectly complement every Italian meal. The cozy Italian interior of the restaurant gives a casual and relaxed Italian ambiance feel. Parmigiano is located at the 2F of Resorts World Newport Mall. Tel. No. 659-82-95.

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