Pasig City Market

Pasig City Market

So much has changed with Pasig City Market. It used to be filthy, smelly with all the pests you can think of. Rats, cockroaches, worms and a couple more insects that could probably be from another planet.

But look at it now. Everything is organized.  There are meat sections, fish, vegetables, fruits and others. All of them are segregated. No vendor or stall is allowed to sell seafood and vegetables together.  You can only sell seafood or you’ll get penalized.

Aside from this, Pasig City Government also prohibits the use of plastic bags in all business establishments. You’ll be surprised that even Jollibee, McDo and KFC use paper bags for take outs. The Pasig City Market isn’t excluded, most of the buyers bring their own reusable bags, the “bayong” was revived. When we go to the market we also bring empty ice cream buckets and microwaveable to avoid plastic bags for our fishes and meat.

What I really would want to happen is the revival of the Revolving Restaurant. I have never been in there, but it really looks nice from the outside. Please make it happen.

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