Kapitolyo, Pasig City’s Food Capital

Kapitolyo, Pasig City’s Food Capital

If you want to go on a food trip, there is no better place to go to than Kapitolyo, Pasig City. It was formerly the place where the Rizal Municipal Hall is when Pasig was still the capital of Rizal, hence the name Kapitolyo.

The old Capitol Building of Rizal in Pasig now Capitol Commons –  (photo from wikipedia)

This time, Kapitolyo is now the Foodie capital of Pasig. Me and my foodie partner(wife) started trying out each of the restaurants just a year or two ago.

The first restaurant we tried was the famous burger restaurant – Charlie’s Grind & Grill which I already wrote about. We’ve been there around three times already and I see myself going back still because of they have one of the best tasting burgers and also a variety of beers offered.

Kainan Au Gusto is carenderia type restaurant, which is also home to a lot of antiques and artifacts. The price is affordable which is why you’ll see taxi’s lined up during lunch. Drivers favor Kainan Au Gusto because it’s priced very competitively, but still great tasting. My only issue is that it’s dark and the antique display gives an eerie feeling.

Kapitolyo (9)
Kainan Au Gusto – Kapitolyo, Pasig

Just across the street is the upscale version of Kainan Au Gusto, comes Cafe Juanita.  You’ll see that it looks and feels kinda the same, that’s because they are owned by the same people. You’ll see their collections displayed on both restaurants. Cafe Juanita is the high end or the upgraded version.

Kapitolyo (4)
Cafe Juanita, Kapitolyo, Pasig

Kapitolyo (3)

Cafe Juanita is famous for its collection of delectable Filipino dishes and unique ambiance. The concept is unique, it’s like eating inside a museum. Cafe Juanita has been featured in numerous TV shows and was even featured in the latest blockbuster movie, Bride For Rent. Just a reminder, the place is only for reservations, they rarely accept walk-ins.

Just a five minute walk from Cafe Juanita is Joe’s MeatShack, a place were pleased to “meat”. It’s home of best tasting beef along Kapitolyo and they also have a branch some where in Makati.

Kapitolyo (5)
Joe’s MeatShack – Kapitolyo, Pasig

As per wife’s suggestion, I tried the Angus Beef Cheese burger and she ordered the Angus Beef Belly. It’s her second time here as her work office is just in Kapitolyo. She has the advantage of trying each restaurants during her lunch break.

Kapitolyo (6)

The burger tastes great too, but I miss the condiments at Charlie’s. The beef belly is the best, and a must try when you get to visit Joe’s MeatShack. It perfectly cooked, melts in your mouth and spreading the taste all over. The beef is so soft, I never had to chew that much plus it has the flavor intact. You also have to try the Hot Fudge with Vanilla ice cream. It’s two scoop of vanilla ice cream served on top of a hot chocolate fudge. I doubt it’s freshly backed, probably reheated, but it is good. Cold and white on top, and hot and dark at the bottom. It’s unexplainably (no such word) good.

Recently we tried place that was fully packed when we get there – Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats. We were just walking along Kapitolyo look for a place to try out next when we saw a pile of customer going in and out of the restaurant so we decided to try it out. When we walked in there was a long line of customers waiting for their turn to order.

Kapitolyo (7)
Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats – Kapitolyo, Pasig

Here’s how you order, choose your steak size and how you want it cooked. You then choose to the sauce you want it with and also the two sidings.  You’ll love their mashed potato(it’s real potato), and also the grilled corn cob. Do not leave without trying their home made ice cream. This is what keeps customer coming back and the reason people line up to order. They have very unique flavors like Javan Hot Chocolate and Madagascar Half Baked (which we tried), there’s also the Sumatra and Arabian coffee flavors among others.

Capitol Commons is where the Rizal Capitol Building used to stand, now it has become a place to unwind and have a good time. I love how they transformed the place and hope that it gets better when it finishes. Since there isn’t much establishments yet, they decided to allow food trucks to fill in.

Kapitolyo (1)
Capitol Commons – Kapitolyo, Pasig

There are a lot to choose from. From burgers, shawarma, pancakes, waffles, noodles, etc. It’s a one-stop food  park. Enjoy the night with performance by acoustic performers, different performers every night. The food trucks are only there for a limited time though.

Kapitolyo (2)

There’s a lot places that I still have to try in Kapitolyo. My wife has already been to Nenak, Milk & Sunny, Rib Rubs Barbeque and Lollicakes. I wish I was working in that area too. I believe that in the near future, Kapitolyo will be like the streets of Tomas Morato. A lot of condominium are already being built, and more and more establishments are starting to become popular, and also, TV5’s new home is within the area. It’s the best time to invest in a property in Kapitolyo.

Kapitolyo (8)
Milk & Sunny and Lollicakes – Kapitolyo, Pasig

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