Baking it Right at Pilimico

Learning how to bake is listed in most people’s bucket list. I don’t know why but I guess there’s just something magical about baking. I can understand if you want to pursue it as a career or if you plan to put up a business from it. Then, a few weeks ago I was able to get my hands dirty and experience baking from the company that actually makes the flour, Pilmico. After that, I was able to understand why people are into baking.


Pilmico is a food subsidiary of Aboitiz, actually has their own baking school – Pilmico Research and Training Bakery in Parañaque Metro Manila. The school aims to train enthusiasts and develop potential food entrepreneurs to learn how to bake.

Aboitiz food subsidiary Pilmico highlighted the importance and benefits of healthy and tasty treats for kids through a Back to School held recently at the Pilmico emphasized the importance and benefits of healthy and tasty snacks. A recent data gathered by the United Nation Food and Agriculture Organization shows the status of micronutrient malnutrition in our country as a cause for concern.

Before we started baking we watch a quick presentation of what Pilmico offers and it’s advocacy to promote local flour with its Mahalin Pagkaing Atin campaign. “This initiative supports Pilmico’s advocacy of promoting nutritional awareness among families and demonstrates our commitment to being partners for growth to our customers,” said Pilmico President and CEO Sabin M. Aboitiz.

Right after the presentation, we were given a demonstration by Chef Cynthia Durian on baking she made garlic sticks, empanada and quiche. It looks so easy to do and we got excited to try it on our own.



During Chef Durian demo, I realized how difficult baking is. It requires patience, strong arms(like mine) and time, because just like everyone else, bread also needs some rest after getting mashed and stretched.

Pilmico 3

We also got the chance to make cupcakes. It was just mixing all the ingredients in the correct order and the right amount. You may get confused or lost at first but it’s really fun to do.


By the way, here are the list of courses that they currently offer:

  • Home Baking 101 – Simple Cakes and Pastries
  • Home Baking 102
  • Kids Workshop – Ages – 7-10 (Cookie Decoration)
  • Kids Workshop – Ages – 11-15
  • Chinese Pastry Making
  • Christmas Pastry Making
  • Christmas Goodies
  • Commercial Bread Baking – Sweet Dough
  • Commercial Bread Baking – Artisan Bread
  • Commercial Bread Baking – Artisan Pastries
  • Commercial Bread Baking – Filipino Breads
  • Commercial Bread Baking – Healthy Breads
  • Commercial Cake Baking – Low Ratio Cakes
  • Commercial Cake Baking – High Ratio Cakes
  • Commercial Cupcake Baking
  • Cake Decorating – 2D with Cake Paintings
  • Cake Decorating – 3D Cake Toppers
  • Cake Decorating – Character Cake
  • Cake Decorating – Wedding Fondant Cake Cover and Flower Making
  • Bakery Management

Check out their website if you wish to know their workshop schedules, please be reminded that each class is only limited to few number of seats –

Pilmico 4

At Pilmico Research and Training Bakery, I learned how difficult and fun baking is. It’s complicated yet fulfilling. It’s messy, but I still look hot. Now I understand why baking is on bucket lists.

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