Pilipinas HD – Higher Definition of the true Filipino

Pilipinas HD – Higher Definition of the true Filipino

The movie Heneral Luna ignited the love for country and the interest in Philippine history. It just sad to know that some who watched the movie were wondering why Epy Quizon who played the role of Apolinario Mabini was sitting at a chair the whole movie.


Then there are Marcos social media historians with memes and parody websites as their sources.

Good question, what have we been teaching our kids in our history classes? What are we doing about it? I remember the days when we have educational shows in the morning on ABS-CBN. We have Bayani, Hiraya Manawari, Sineskwela, Mathtinink, At Iba Pa, and Epol, Apple. During late at night we have Tatak Pilipino. Recently TV5 came up with a short documentary series – History, Tsismis Noon, Kasaysayan Ngayon. I believe one or two shows about history isn’t enough, we need a stand alone channel that will focus on Philippine culture and history. If cable TV has it’s own History Channel, I think it’s just fitting that we should have our own.

This is where Pilipinas HD comes in. Pilipinas HD provides a Higher Definition of the true Filipino. This is how Pilipinas HD founder and President Manolo “Chino” Trinidad describes the new cable channel that was launched June 12, 2016.

Pilipinas HD

We are at a crossroads in our history when we must seek to know and understand the past in order for us to move faster, higher and more effectively into the future. We need to tell our children the greatness and the nobility of being Filipino. We simply tell the truth as it deserves to be told, in the eyes of historians, experts and story-tellers who researched, studied or saw recent history unfold,” Trinidad said.

Pilipinas HD 2

Pilipinas HD will showcase the best and the brightest not only among the country’s revered and known heroes, but will also showcase the extraordinary deeds of ordinary Filipinos who have made a difference in the lives of others and their communities.

Aside from history, I also excited about the shows that will be featured in Pilipinas HD including, Panatang Pilipino, Pamana, Filipiknow, Duyan ng Magiting, GRID, Ugat ng Lahi and what I will be looking forward to is Storya Ng Bayan.

Pilipinas HD 8

Trinidad also made an appeal to all cable providers to catch Pilipinas HD’s signal on June 12 which coincides with the Philippine Independence Celebration so that the general public can watch Pilipinas HD for free from June 16-30.

Please understand that this is not a purely business endeavor. Our higher goal is to build a nation of patriots who will work together for a better Philippines. We need to make future generations of Filipinos proud of our heritage. A country and people who know their past is better equipped to move forward, “ Trinidad added.

Trinidad also urged the public not to wait for June 30 make change happen. He said that everyone can contribute to nation-building by simply following traffic rules, disposing of garbage properly or following simple, basic laws.

Present during the launch of Pilipinas HD were Chino Trinidad’s friends which were a stellar cast of political leaders, sports stars, and community movers who are one in the goal of seeing the best in the Filipino that included International bowling hall of famer Paeng Nepomuceno, Philippine Television pioneer and former Senator Eddie Ilarde, MTRCB Chairman Atty. Toto Villareal and Mandaluyong Mayor Benhur Abalos.

Pilipinas HD 7

Abalos, a historian by academic training, also pledged support and thanked Trinidad for giving him the opportunity to do what he has long wanted to do— that is, show the world that Filipinos are a great people.

Pilipinas HD 6

 Nepomuceno lauded Trinidad’s pioneering effort to showcase the indomitable spirit of the Filipino not just in sports but in everyday life.
Pilipinas HD 4

Ilarde, on the other hand, said that he is proud to be part of a great moment in media history.

Pilipinas HD 5

Among the first features of Pilipinas HD is Duyan Ng Magiting, an attempt to celebrate the greatness of our nearly forgotten heroes of the Philippine Revolution of the late 1800s. For the meantime, Pilipinas HD will be shown thru Fox Channel.

Just when television content is known to seek the negative, PilIpinas HD seeks to redefine and retool Filipino viewers with heart-warming and features and narratives of what makes the FIlipino a great race. My only request is that Pilipinas HD also includes child-friendly educational shows like Batibot to teach kids about Filipino values.

Like them on Facebook/PilipinasHD and visit their website www.pilipinashd.com for more information and update.

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  1. Sir Ryan…Maraming salamt for helping me put Pilipinas HD in perspcective…Chino Trinidad

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