Pioneer St. Market, A Refreshing Stop in the Metro

I just discovered a new place where both my wife and I will enjoy, Pioneer St. Market. It’s located just right across TV5’s new home in Mandaluyong City.


It is owned by the HMR Group and established to give HMR patrons a place to hang out and relax after shopping. Inside Pioneer St. Market is a what most people will describe as a weekend market because of the goods that it sell, it’s just that it is open for the whole week. Unlike the weekend markets you’ll find in other cities, Pioneer St. Market is not the open-air type. It’s fully air-conditioned with and it has two floors.

The first floor has a variety that will titillate your taste buds and ignite your gastronomic senses. Organic vegetables are the star of the market and they are fresh from the elevated city of Tagaytay.



The organic vegetables vary every week, depending on availability. So if you see something you like, do not hesitate to buy them as you may not be able to see them when you drop by again the following week. This is to make sure that what you get is fresh and seasoned vegetables.


The are some vegetables that I am familiar with and some that are unheard of, but all of them are organic and fresh. They have curly cake, toscana cale, romaine round, green ice, basil, cilantro, flat parsley, taragon, onion leaves, alugbati, tomatoes in different variants, and many more. There will be more added into the variety as time progress. I brought home a couple of green leaves, I just need a salad dressing and I’m happy.

They also have organic produce from malunggay ang guyabano. MY wife loves everything herbal and its medicinal properties.




Out of all the products I saw and tasted inside, my favorite is the flavored salted eggs. They come in garlic, basil, adobo, and lemon grass. I’m curious as to how they were able to penetrate the flavor inside the egg shell, it really taste as labeled.


On the other side of the Market you’ll see bottles of wine of different sorts and colors. Make sure you bring home a bottle or two of these wines as they are affordable and is of excellent quality.



There are plants fo your garden and house plants to improve indoor air quality and beautification. A flower shop is also available inside if you’re feeling a bit cheesy or sweet.


Different glass jars and bottles are also available for sale, but what everyone was into are the mason jars and the jars of spice that rotates and is refillable. It’s definitely a good buy and my wife would love it, but it’s just too big for our kitchen.


There are also therapeutic and beauty products available inside.



The second floor is yet to be completed, but in the meantime they filled it with indoor and outdoor furniture, and all items are for sale. Ignore the guy on the far right, he’s just happy to have been at Pioneer St. Market.


Overall, Pioneer St, Market is a nice place to drop by for your last minute kitchen needs, and you don’t need to wait for weekends to buy organic goodies and other healthy produce. It was originally planned to give HMR customer a place to unwind after shopping, but I believe this will be more than that. It will be a place where family and friends will hang out, have conversations and great food.

I will be featuring the food available in my next post.

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