Experience The Latest in Gadgets and Gizmos at Pismo

Experience The Latest in Gadgets and Gizmos at Pismo

Our love of gadgets led to the sprung of gadgets and electronic shops nationwide.  A mall, for example, can have more than 20 gadgets and electrics store. Visitors would just more likely take a peek inside the glass cabinets or get a feel of the unit with it’s dummy version and then take home a flyer after. This is what a typical buyer undergoes before buying an item. This is where Pismo stands out.



Pismo Digital Lifesytle Inc (pismo = personal gizmo) changes the overall experience in shopping our gizmos, giving customers a playground where they can play, tinker and hold various gadgets. Giving them the needed experience before deciding on purchasing the item.


Aside from the popular names in the smartphone industry, Pismo Digital is an authorized reseller of various brands that are first in the Philippines like Xoopar, Lacie, Bluelounge, Monofold, Blue Aura, Elago, Beyzacases and Parrot.


Aside from the latest and premium line of gadgets, Pismo Digital Lifestlye Inc, also has the best quality and fashionable looking bags and accessories  that suits your digital lifestyle.

Pismo Digital has dedicated in-store product specialist to assist customer on their inquiries. They are fully trained and has the technical know how and experience in all the products in the store.


Located at the 6th Flr of the Shangri La Plaza East Wing , they are open 7 days a week from 11am to 9pm.  Contact them at 942-32-49  or 0917-8281172  and email at edsashangri-la@pismodigital.com.

Visit their website at http://www.pismodigial.com Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

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