Posh Nails – The Only Exception

Posh Nails – The Only Exception

If other guys prefer going to gym, having their faces undergo all sorts of treatment and some even go under the knife just to feel good about themselves, I prefer some Posh Spoiling.

I don’t go to the gym. If there’s something that would need pampering, it would be both my hands and feet.  I don’t need to display  some muscles, as stated in the Manifesto ng Tunay Na Lalake rule no. 5 – “Ang tunay na lalake ay walang abs.” But that does not mean you can’t go to spas like this.

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Welcome to Posh Nails!

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One word to describe it all – Pink. It was like entering a little girl’s dreamland and I was actually waiting for a unicorn to show up and show us around.

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The first thing I did before sitting down was to look for something to read, something to keep me busy while having my hand and feet pampered. Sadly there were no men’s magazine around, I should have seen that coming.

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They actually have the most comfortable sofas I have sat on on spas. I’ve been to five other spas but most of them have those leather seats, which looks elegant but aren’t actually comfortable. The room was so relaxing I wanted to doze off.

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The queen on the left and the princess on the right

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And the King sits here – Like A Boss.

like a boss

What I had for that day is what they called Sports Package. I had manicure, pedicure, foot spa and got arms and legs scrubbed.

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nothing to be afraid of
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why so serious?

I can tell form the look on her face that she was having a hard time with my huge feet, but she was still all smiles when we had a little chat.

After having my nails done.  They had lemon and some other magical stuff scrubbed on my arms and legs. It smells so good I was tempted to taste it. Then there was a little bit of hand massage which was more than enough to ease those muscle tensions I got from typing a lot.

It was whole new experience for me.  Refreshing, relaxing is what I would describe it something that men shouldn’t be afraid of.

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