RACKS Smoked Spring Chicken

The home of the best ribs in town has got a new dish to be excited about and it’s chicken, RACKS’ Smoked Spring Chicken. It’s light, it’s slowly and carefully smoked, its flavors blossom repetitively in your mouth.

Racks Smoked Spring Chicken

The Smoked Spring Chicken is grilled just right over hickory wood, I didn’t see any raw or bloody parts of the chicken. It’s cooked thoroughly until the meat is so tender that it falls off the bone. Spring chicken, or a young chicken is used because its meat is juicier and absorbs the flavor and smoking process is better. It’s served with corn cobs, and complimented with the Alabama White Sauce.

Racks Smoked Spring Chicken 1

RACKS’ has been in the business since 1992 and they have never failed in giving customers new dishes to crave for including the Onion Brick which has become a favorite appetizer,and of course the ribs that had me coming back more often than I should. Check out the rest of the best sellers HERE.

Racks Smoked Spring Chicken 4

Aside from addition of the Smoked Spring Chicken, RACKS also got a new look. A better, fresher, homey ambiance. It makes you want to sit, relax, enjoy the food, and stay a bit more and spend more time with your family or friends. So far it’s just Tomas Morato and SM Megamall which has the new look, but eventually all RACKS restaurants will be renovated.

Racks Smoked Spring Chicken 2

Racks Smoked Spring Chicken 3

RACKS has given us new reasons to love them even more, the addition of the Smoked Spring Chicken and a new look that will  make your dining more enjoyable and instragramable. Altogether, these factors create the RACKS formula that has allowed them to become a staple for any celebration.


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