realme Buds T100 Review – It’s All About The Base

realme Buds T100 Review – It’s All About The Base

realme has then again, made noise with it’s latest TWS product the realme Buds T100. Now let’s find out what the noise is all about, or can we even hear the noise while using it.

The pebble-shaped designed isn’t new but it’s the most the way realme made it look cooler by making with two-toned color look. the black and orange variant isn’t glossy finish that can be a finger print magnet. You won’t be touchin or holding it most of the time anyways. It’s either in your bag or in your pocket.

For me it’s probably the best designed TWs by realme to date. The color combination is dope. The earbuds has a longer stem which I prefer compared to the realme Buds Q because it feels lighter and the stem has functions that I like play/pause, skipping or repeating songs, and volume control.

Connecting it to your phone and my other devices were easy. Once paired, your phone will automatically recognize it as soon you open the case.

As for sound quality, it’s pretty decent. What I meant was, performing within its price point. Don’t expect it to produce overwhelming sound quality. It’s good enough for your daily commute, office breaks, and binge watching while working. In short it does the job, and it does it well. It does not have active nose cancellation which it somewhat ok so that you can hear your boss walking to you when you’re not working and you can hear passengers’ “bayad po!” when you’re commuting.

The bud’s battery life can last from the time you commute to and from work, and a bit of k-drama when you head home, whcih is approximately 6 hours. The case can give you an additional 22hrs if you decide not to charge them yet.

In conclusion the realme Buds T100 is probably the best in its category. I really like the two-tone design and the battery life is great. Sound quality isn’t something to rave about, but it’s ok. It focused on the base which I understand becuase most people believes that “It’s all about that bass, ’bout that bass (bass, bass, bass, bass)”, right Meghan?

For just a little over a thousand pesos, Php1,299 to be exact, it can be the perfect gift for Christmas for those who are on a budget. It’s available in two colors: Pop White as seen here, or Punk Black.