I Crab You Very Much

I Crab You Very Much

I only know 2 ways of cooking crabs. One is the “laing” style and the other was the “sinigang sa bayabas“. I know that this can’t be true. There could be more than two ways of eating crabs. The problem is where do we find those crab dishes. Worry no more as Red Crab Alimango House presents the 24k – 24 Ways of Enjoying your Red Crabs.

They have more than 24 ways to cook red crabs but these 24 are the most popular among the customers.

Eating crab is really a mess, and it’s fun. Red Crab Alimango House makes sure that you enjoy you spend more time in eating crabs than trying to eat your crabs. They provide crackers, pincers, a pail and a bib to make it easier  and more enjoyable.

24 ways of eating crabs, that ‘s a lot to choose from! Here are our 24 mouthwatering candidates.

1 & 2 are the Sinigangs. Sinigang sa Gabi  at Kamias – cooked in lemongrass broth, eggplant, taro and bok choy or Chinese cabbage. Siningang sa Sampalok – cooked in tamarind broth served with vegetable. The one you see the photo below is the sampalok. They also have the Sinigang sa Balao Balao – crab in fermented rice-sour broth with banana blossoms and mustard greens.

Sinigang sa Sampalok

3. Crab 7 – steamed in lime soda or 7-Up served with three dips – chili, lemongrass and ginger vinegar. This is the most simple of them all.

Crab 7

4. Adobo sa Buko – sauteed in it’s roe mixed with garlic and buko meat. This is my favorite among all the crabs I’ve tasted. I’m sure everyone who tasted it will agree.

Adobo sa Buko

5. Chinese Salted Egg Crab – crispy fried with batter with topped with Chinese salted egg. Salted egg is not that salty at all. It makes it more tasty perfect with steamed rice and probably tomatoes.

Chinese Salter Egg Crab

6. Onion Crab – sauteed with onion leeks and and spices. The sauce you see came from the crab itself. Very yummy.

Onion Crab

7. Crab Lilian – it’s like the “laing” version I mentioned earlier although not that spicy. It cooked in coconut milk with green leafy vegetables. You won’t go wrong with this.

Crab Lilian

 8. Roasted Garlic Crab – simmered on a sweet oriental sauce topped with glass noodles and roasted garlic, a big chunks of garlic.

Roasted Garlic Crab

9. Deep Fried Crabs with Togue in Sichuan Sauce – the name itself describes everything. Spicy yet flavorful.

Deep Fried Crabs with Togue in Sichuan Sauce

10 – Szechuan Crab – uses of peanuts, sesame paste and ginger to add flavor which originated in Sichuan Province of southwestern China. One of Red Crab’s  best seller.

Szechuan Crab

11. Crab Tausi – deep fried sauteed in oyster sauce, tausi,garlic, onion leeks and ginger topped with fresh tomato slices.

Crab Tausi

12. Crab Pateros with Aligue and Balot – not for the faint of heart. It has all the ingredients of a high blood pressure. Aligue and Balut – minus the sisiw(chick). It’s a must try.

Crab Pateros with Aligue and Balot

13. Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter Crab – deep fried crab sauteed with a lot of garlic, black beans and chilies. It explodes in your mouth.

Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter Crab

14. Butter Ginger Crab – sauteed in white wine, ginger and lots of butter. It’s like the usual butter/garlic dish plus the ginger.

Butter Ginger Crab

15. Crab Alvarez – named after the creator, Chef Arman Alvarez of the Red Crab Alimango house. Spicy roasted coconut sauce. It somehow tasted like curry but not. It’s sweeter. It’s not that spicy too.

Crab Alvarez

16. Fidel’s Pepper Crab – It’s a home grown style of the Singaporean pepper crab. This is one hell of a crab. This one kicks as if it’s still alive, you can feel the resistance in your mouth. It was named after Fidel V. Ramos because it was created during the time when the former president was not in good terms with the Chinese embassy, hence the spiciness of the fight/flavor.

Fidel’s Pepper Crab

17. Crab Singapura – it’s was cooked with Singaporean style sauce service with cua pao. have a taste of Singapore at your plate.

Crab Singapura

18. Malaysian Chili Kangkong Crab – these huge crabs were cooked with Malaysian type of sauce with kangkong. although the sames has Chili on it, it actually does not taste chili at all. The spiciness is there but tolerable.

Malaysian Chili Kangkong Crab

19. Crab Maritess – cooked in olive oil, garlic, white wine and chili peppers. It was named after Maritess Revilla-Araneta, former beauty queen and movie actress. She also happens to be the mother of owner and president of the Red Crab Group of Restaurants, Raymund Magdaluyo.  It was named after her because she was the one who requested her crabs cooked this way. It was her idea.

Crab Maritess

20. Salted Egg Crab – cooked in saled egg, crab fat, tomato and eggplant. There’s a generous serving of the salted egg, tomato and onion in every cap of the crab.

Salted Egg Crab

21. Crab Sotanghon – guess what’s in it? Right! Sotanghon.

Crab Sotanghon

22. Thai Chili Crab – this is cooked with thick Thai curry sauce that gives that needed spiciness in the flavor.

Thai Chili Crab

Whats missing? It’s the Balikbayan Crab and Raymund’s Salt and Pepper Crab. I was probably busy eating crabs and was devoured before I even got to take a photo of it.

Top: Balikbayan Crab
Bottom: Raymund’s Salt and Pepper Crab

My favorite is none other than the Adobo sa Buko, you really have to try it.

The Red Crab Alimango House gives a lot of tasty twists to eating crabs. It may not be something we’re familiar with but it’s worth the try. It’s worth the storm we have to go through just to reach Luck China Town Mall.

From the same group that gave us Patio Carlito, Flying Pig, Claw Daddy’s, Mr. Kurosawa  and others, it’s no surprise that they have this creative dishes.


  • Middleweight Crabs P145 / 100g (500-700g)
  • Big Crabs P155 / 100g (800-900g)
  • King Crabs P165 / 100g (1kg-up)
  • Female Crabs P165 / 100 (all sizes)

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