Eat, Drink, and Chill at REDD at Prism Plaza

Eat, Drink, and Chill at REDD at Prism Plaza

Restaurants never run out of ideas to tweak, twist, and reinvent traditional Filipino dishes and only a few restaurants have succeeded in this game of modernizing the Filipino taste and REDD is one of them. Although a new player in the Filipino restaurant industry, REDD has proved that it belongs in the winner circle.

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Located at SM Mall of Asia’s popular dining and entertainment hub, Prism Plaza. REDD. A spacious dining area with a cocktail bar and a room where guests can have fun and sing their heart. The videoke room can accommodate around 15 people comfortably.

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REDD has the most spacious and modern kitchen I’ve seen in Prism. It’s no surprise as the owner is a contractor that has done numerous projects including the kitchen of Spiral by Solaire. It has kitchen of a fine dining restaurant – spacious, modern, organized, and very clean.

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What makes REDD special is what the kitchen produces, the food. No Filipino meal is complete without rice and REDD as Bagoong Rice and Tinapa Rice. Both of the is enough to be considered a meal itself because “kanin pa lang, ulam na“.

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As pinoys, I don’t think we have something that we can call an appetizer. It’s either kanin, ulam, or panghimagas, and sometimes pulutan. Some of the recommended appetizers by REDD that will excite your palettes. There were two kinds of sisig served, the Sisig ala Kanto and SeaSig.

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Sisig ala Kanto is the usual pork face sisig with chicken liver and pork tongue while Seasig is with bangus or milk fish. Both of them tastes good but I live dangerously so I prefer cholesterol over omega 3.

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Juana Fries is a not made from potato, but sweet potatoes served with cheese, chili con carne and a special sauce.

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My liked among the appetizers served is Wen Manong which I reminded me of my favorite Dinakdakan. It’s a lot of flavor all mixed up in one bowl. Raw ginger, onion, chili, grilled pork and vinegar.

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Grilled Tuna Belly served with sauteed vegetables.Grilled just right to keep it juicy and not dry and the sauce tastes a bit sweet and nutty.

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REDD’s Beef Kaldereta is a overflowing with taste because of the variety if ingredients that’s not normally seen on a kaldereta,  authentic slow-cooking methods to bring out the best flavors from each ingredient.

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Adobo is the safest thing anyone can cook because you can’t go worng with it. There has been numerous versions of adobo and there will new ones too. For me, what makes REDD’s Chicken Pork Adobo different among other adobo is that the chicken is burnt or grilled and raw garlic is served with it.

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Kansi is an Ilonggo recipe which is like a mash up of  bulalo and sinigang. Instead of using tamarind or kamias to add a soury taste, Kansi is based on batuan. The addition of lemon grass makes it even tastier.

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Kare Kare Trio has pork, beef, and chicken cooked in different ways. The pork is bagnet, chicken is inasal, and beef is simply corned beef. It has a very thick sauce that’s packed with flavor.

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Gising-gising is a healthier option but it packs a punch. It made with winged beans and fried diced tofu. It was spice level was more than we expected but still tolerable.

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For those who crave for pasta there’s Aligue Pasta. Aligue is that delicious orange-red material found inside a crab’s shell. I just am not sure if it’s crab fat or eggs and they say too much of it will increase your blood cholesterol. It’s tastes good by the way.

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Turon Overload is overloaded with good vibes. Its sprinkled with cinnamon and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. It’s one of the few Filipino dessert twists that I’ll be coming back for.

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The bar isn’t there for nothing, it serves Filipino beverage inspired cocktails. They have given my favorite sago’t gulaman an alcoholic twist, the Samalamig with rum. The alcohol content is on the jello itself. Coco Martin is the purple cocktail with coco milk. Then the Mango Tango also has a bit of alcohol content but it’s too good to notice it. You’ll just remember when the alcohol kicks in.

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The cocktails are perfect while gazing at the awesome sunset view and enjoying the music of live band performances at Prism Plaza  or while you’re having the time of your lives at the KTV and Videoke room. There’s also a beer pong table ready to be used when requested.

REDD belongs at the Prism Plaza, it’s synonymous to what Prism Plaza offers –  place where you can EAT delicious food, DRINK best served alcoholic mixes, and CHILL with live music performances, ktv, or simply watching the sunset. Visit REDD at the Prism Plaza, Two E-Com Building at the Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

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