Boost Customer Experience & Profitability with RELEX Mobile Pro In-Store App

 RELEX Solutions, a leading provider of unified supply chain and retail solutions, unveiled RELEX Mobile Pro, an advanced mobile application designed to revolutionize in-store execution for retailers, suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturers.

Empowering In-Store Teams:

The App consolidates various in-store tools and processes into a single, user-friendly platform. It empowers store personnel with features like:

  • Easy and accurate ordering: Streamline ordering with suggested replenishment levels and real-time adjustments based on stock counts.
  • Task management: Manage tasks efficiently, including ad-hoc requests, to ensure smooth operations.
  • Fresh management: Tackle specific challenges of fresh departments, like inventory visibility, product availability, and product presentation.

Maximized Efficiency & Reduced Waste:

By combining RELEX Mobile Pro with RELEX’s AI-powered machine learning, retailers can overcome common fresh-item challenges:

  • Improved inventory visibility: Gain real-time insights into stock levels and customer buying habits for date-sensitive products.
  • Reduced spoilage: Optimize stock management to prevent overstocking and out-of-stocks, minimizing waste and boosting sales.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Automate manual tasks, allowing store personnel to focus on higher-value activities and improving customer service.

User-Friendly Features:

RELEX Mobile Pro provides a range of functionalities to streamline daily operations:

  • Review and amend orders: Easily adjust suggested replenishment amounts based on stock counts.
  • Ad-hoc order creation: Address urgent ordering needs with on-the-fly order creation.
  • Item scanning and search: Access product-specific data instantly while in-store.
  • Stock checks and updates: Intuitively check stock balances, conduct counts, and make necessary updates.
  • Actionable alerts: Receive focused alerts prompting timely decision-making for improved operational responsiveness.

Tom Charlton, Vice President of Product, Forecasting & Replenishment at RELEX Solutions, said: “RELEX Mobile Pro empowers retailers to create a significant step-change in their in-store processes, ultimately driving competitive differentiation and ensuring the right products are always available.”

RELEX Mobile Pro offers a win-win solution for retailers and customers. It empowers store personnel, optimizes fresh inventory management, and ultimately delivers a more positive shopping experience.