Ross & Marina Celebrates 25  Years Of Authentic Ilongo Specialties

Ross & Marina Celebrates 25 Years Of Authentic Ilongo Specialties

Ross & Marina Oyster, Seafood and Grill, the only restaurant serving authentic Ilonggo specialties in the country will be celebrating its 25th year on October 25. In 1987, the first MARINA restaurant was born beside a river in Iloilo. Renowned entrepreneurs RP and Roland Gorriceta, their parents Ross and Marina and the whole family conceptualized and put up the business venture with simple things in mind: no frills, no fuss cooked meals that are fresh and healthy and family-oriented service in a relaxing setting that renders a truly native Filipino ambiance.

I have never been to Iloilo, the closest I’ve been to is Bacolod. Marina did a good job in bringing authentic Ilonggo specialties to the City. What most food blogger do or anybody who has a passion for food and culture is visit places they’ve never been to and taste native dishes and delicacies. The food is a big part of the culture, you can somehow tell the local’s character by tasting their food.

With Marina, you don’t need to go that far just to get a taste of authentic Ilonggo dishes.

Blue Marlin is priced at P125.00 /100gms but reduced to %50 during Mondays but only until November 26, 2012 as part of their anniversary promo. Marinated with the just the right spices and perfectly grilled. I wouldn’t have Blue Marlin any other way.

A huge fish called Managat or Mangrove Snapper was also served during our visit to Marina Oyster, Seafood and Grill. I was not familiar with it, at first I thought it was the same old Bangus. This one is cooked and marinated the same way the Blue Marlin was, I think. It kinda tastes the same, the only difference is the meat texture.  This one is for P120.00/100 gms.

We have the steamed and the grill oysters. On it’s anniversary, October 25, a plate of oysters will only be P25.00 but only limited to two orders per table.  The Talabang Ilonggo or Oysters is regularly priced at P285 for the steamed and fresh orders and just a few peso difference for the baked version P299, you’ll just get more oysters on your plate compared to the baked.

My personal favorite is the Sinigang na Hipon. I’m a huge fan of Sinigang.  This is does not use the tamarind or kamias like the usual sinigang sa hipon. It uses “Batuan” which gives it a fruity-sour taste and a the right mix of vegetables compliments the sinigang taste for only P235.oo

Almost everyone knows Kare-kare P295.00 and knows how to come them but not everyone does it perfectly. The nutty taste is just right for my taste buds. The vegetables were just cooked right, not soggy; and the the thickness of the sauce is perfect. Paired with bagoong or shrimp paste which compliments the Kare-kare taste.

The Marina Seafood Soup P350.00  comes crabs and other seafood very creamy and tasty, the perfect seafood appetizer.

Crispy Pata P560 is perfect for thos who aren’t of cholesterol. It deep fried just right served with vinegar dip.

The Leche Flan is just the right desert to top of the authentic Ilonngo dishes that we have tasted it Marina Oyster, Seafood and Grill. Thank you for bringing Iloilo closer to home.

Visit their branches at Market! Market! – Metrowalk – SM Mall of AsiaSM Sky Garden – Timog-Panay – Magallanes – Forum Robinsons and Mandurriao, Iloilo City. Like them on Facebook for news, updates and promos.

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