Be Safer Online with These Tips and Tools from Google

Be Safer Online with These Tips and Tools from Google

Filipinos are increasingly concerned about online threats, with searches for terms like “malware,” “phishing,” and “scam” reaching record highs. This Safer Internet Day, Google reminds everyone of essential internet safety practices to stay vigilant:

Key Actions to Protect Yourself

  • Update Everything: Install the latest updates for your operating system, web browser, and apps. These updates often include critical security patches. Turn on auto-updates whenever possible.
  • Embrace Password Managers: Google Password Manager (or a similar trusted manager) creates and stores strong, unique passwords for every account. This protects you from password leaks and makes logging in much easier
  • Upgrade to Passkeys: Use your fingerprint or face ID as an extra layer of security when logging into sites or apps. These “passkeys” are even safer than passwords.
  • Google Security Checkup: This simple tool analyzes your Google Account and other connected devices for potential vulnerabilities. Fix issues quickly to reduce online risks.
  • Manage Your Data: Take control of your data settings. Review which apps have access to your information and what permissions they have. Adjust these settings to match your comfort level.

Additional Tips

  • Avoid clicking suspicious links. Verify URLs and report anything that seems amiss.
  • Don’t act under pressure. Scammers use pressure tactics to force quick decisions. If something feels rushed or unusual, take a step back and review the situation carefully.
  • Verify information before sharing. Only share or repost content from trusted sources. Use Google Search to fact-check any questionable information.

Remember, online safety is an ongoing process. Stay vigilant, use these tools, and protect yourself from emerging cyber threats.