Let’s Get Together at Salo

Let’s Get Together at Salo

The rise of restaurants that are serving Filipino cuisine are continually flourishing and dominating the local food industry.  I can no longer count the numbers, aside from the all-time favorites, a lot of new breeds of Filipino restaurants are becoming more and more popular with foodies. Because of the competition, having the best tasting dishes isn’t enough, you have to find a problem and create a solution. This is exactly what Salo did – finding a gap in the range of establishments in Bonifacio Global City.

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Salo realized that the working community of Bonifacio Global City did not have enough affordable places to go to for lunch and drinks. And sadly, “Happy Hour” isn’t that happy at all because we can only afford to score a few bottles and a few bites. Now let’s get happy with these Salo treats, starting with my all time favorite drink – Gulaman!

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You can’t go wrong when serving me gulaman, whether its’ black gulaman or any other variants, I would still love you for it. Next on the list is their best seller, the rice bowls. These rice bowls are the star of lunch break and after office eat outs. Some may already be familiar to you, but you’ll these will still surprise you.

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The Tapsilog, Tuyosilog and the Bicol Express are just three of the many rice bowls on their menu(they have around 12).  These rice bowls ranges from P130 – P145  and very much healthier compared to eating in a fast-food restaurant. I admire how they were able to keep the price low and still have great tasting food. If you feel like you can eat more than a bowl, try out the Steaksilog. It’s premium beef steak with sauce and chutney.

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If you’re with a group and wanted to share the goodness, they also have portions that are good for sharing. Starting with the Aligue Rice.

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To help out the aligue rice in increasing your cholesterol level and pump up your blood pressure is the irresistible Lechon Belly, paired with lechon sauce and a spicy vinegar mix. It’s a combination to die for. The lechon skin is crispy, just as it should be and the meat is tasty. It has some herbs in it that I just can’t pin point which. It just tastes good – which is the best thing to say I can’t describe what’s in it and how good it is.

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Bistek Tagalog is my favorite as it captures what I expected from the bistek. It just reminded me that I was cooking bistek tagalog the wrong way all this time. This is actually the taste that I was hoping to accomplish. They use local onion, while I use the big round yellow ones. The beef is tender, it does not feel like I’m having chewing gum. The citrus flavor is just right, it’ doesn’t overpower the taste of the beef and the sauce. It’s just right. I’ll have another of these when I come back.

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If you want to have vegetables on your plate, they have Nilagang Gulay, Adobong KangKong, Gatang Sitaw and Kalabasa, and Gising Gising. We just had Gising gising and I can hardly remember how it tasted because I was totally focused on Bistek Tagalog and Lechon Belly. Sorry, I just can’t help it.

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Before we get to the after office hours, let’s me introduce you these two familiar Filipino desserts –  Buko Pandan, and Leche Flan. The Buko Pandan is topped with crunchy pinipig, an exciting twist to my favorite sweets.

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Now to make the happy hour happier are these set of perfect pulutan for the barkada starting with the Pulutan Platter. A mixture of cheesy cassava chips, kangkong chips, kikiam, fishballs, and deep fried chicken skin. It comes with different dips, each one complimenting the platter. Each of these drinking buddies can be ordered separately.

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Next is SinugLaw, two of the most popular drinking buddies combined, Singuba and Kinilaw. The taste of the vinegar mixture is perfect for the grilled pork and it adds a smokey flavor to the kinilaw. Their creativity paid off, it’s something that everyone should try. It’s the KathNiel and AshMatt of Salo.

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And of course, no menu will be complete with the famous Kapampangan dish, Sisig, served sizzling on a hot plate. You can’t go wrong with sisig, that’s why almost all restaurants have them. It has become a must have in the menu.

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Aside from the usual alcoholic drinks and local beer which are a steal, especially if you buy, by the bottle. Salo also created their own mix of cocktails that will surely make you want more, but be reminded that they still contain alcohol. They taste all taste good, you’ll hardly taste the alcohol content. I recommend you get Cucumber Smash and Jamie’s Special.

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What you’ll love about the Salo is that they not only have specials during happy hour, it even extends its menu up to your hangover with its Anti-Hangover Meals. These meals are specially made to keep you sober and enjoy the night even more. The list of anti-hangover meals has my own favorite comfort food, Batchoy and Goto. They also have PansitanLomi, and the Longaburger. I can eat Batchoy and Goto anytime of the day, and I love their Goto. It has all the ingredients that I look for in a Goto – the chicharon, toasted garlic, onion leeks and others. The Longaburger also comes with Longaburger Extra (with extra patty).

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You don’t need to worry about not getting seats as they can accommodate 50 inside and another 80 outside They also deliver via twoanyone.com you can call 212-1212 to order.

Salo was established with the working people in mind. It is their mission to bring affordable and great tasting food to bridge the gap in the range of establishments at Bonifacio Global City. Salo also understands why after working hours is called Happy Hour and does its best to keep it that way.

Operating schedule: 11:00 am to 4:00 am, daily
Phone: 09178914333
Location: The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @salobgc

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