Man Up The Kitchen with Samsung Digital Appliances

A few months ago I had a chance to be a culinary student for a day courtesy of Chef Ernest Gala, Samsung Digital Appliances Ambassador. With the help of Samsung Refrigerator’s cooling technology and Samsung Smart Oven’s microwave and grill functions we prepared two amazing dishes and proved that we can “Man Up The Kitchen“.


First of the two dishes we prepared was Chicken Barbecue. We mixed all the ingredients as instructed by Chef Ernest and them marinated in the Samsung Refrigerator for 15-minutes, to let the flavor seep in with the help of the refrigerator’s cooking function. The refrigerator also ensured the freshness of the protein.


Meanwhile, the grill function, one of the many features of the Samsung Smart Oven together with its warm air circulation, the participants were able to create an appetizing and aromatic dish that was perfectly cooked on the inside and oozing with flavor with every bite. Here’s it is.

Next was a quick and easy vegetable muffin using the Samsung Smart Oven. It just takes a pair of strong hands for the mixing and we leave the rest to the Samsung Smart Oven. It took less than 5 minutes bake, a few seconds to rest, and less than 3 minutes to consume.

Samsung Smart Oven

The Samsung Smart Oven made grilling less of a dirty task, jus time it and leave to the Smart Oven, grab an ice cold bottle of… juice or a shot of cold… espresso (*wink). Real men cook, so the saying goes, but there are also real men who cooks smarter with Samsung Digital Appliances.

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