New Generation of Samsung Digital Appliances Delivers More Than Expected

New Generation of Samsung Digital Appliances Delivers More Than Expected

Samsung Digital Appliances proves that they are still the leader in Innovation, Design and Efficiency with it’s latest line up of appliances that home owners would love to own. The latest Samsung Digital Appliances uses the Digital Inverter Technology to lessen energy consumption and be more environment friendly.

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The new Samsung refrigerators uses an all around cooling technology which has multiple outlets to cover more area and allows cool air to circulate more and it also has metal cooling doors that keeps the cold inside. The refrigerators also has 6 customizable baskets, and a cooking zone and kids zone. Outside is it has 2 door layers, the inner case and outer case or food showcase.

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Samsung washing machine is best known for its aesthetics. It’s simple and user-centric design makes work a lot easier. The buttons respond to the slightest touch and it’s wide crystal door is a beauty. It uses an Eco Bubble technology that allows powerful cleaning in cold water. The Samsung washing machine also boasts a Stain Away Program designed to deal with the 12 most common types of stains: blood, cocoa, sebum, oatmeal, tea, wine, tomato, pencil lead, mud, makeup, lipstick, and grass. It does all this with less noise, less vibration, and more performance than an ordinary washing machine.

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Eliminating the summer heat are the new line up of Smart Air Conditioners that a unique and efficient Triangle Design. Designed to be outstandingly efficient, its uniquely triangular design has a wider inlet, wider outlet and a bigger fan to ensure that air is cooled and expelled faster (26%), farther (14m meters) and wider (39%) – ensuring even air distribution and powerful cooling. It cools faster and reaches wider and farther. It also has its own Virus Doctor that eliminates bacteria, making sure that we only breathe clean, cool air. Because of the Digital Inverter Technology it has lesser noise and vibration, plus it saves

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Last but not the least is the new Samsung Smart Oven. It’s so smart that it does more than reheating and making popcorn. It comes with cooking settings that will make you feel a kitchen master. There are pre-programmed settings for yogurt making, dough proofing, and “Slim Fry” function.  Slim fry is allows you to fry without using cooking oil. Who says microwave dishes can’t be healthy?

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Technology is ever evolving, but it has always been aimed at aiding everyday tasks. Samsung has taken on the higher pursuit of offering people a better lifestyle. Thus, armed with state-of-the-art electronics and a passion for innovation, Samsung has come up with their new lineup of digital household appliances that will ensure a happy home.

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