Samsung Refrigerators – Technology, Practicality and Style

Samsung Refrigerators – Technology, Practicality and Style

You know what I like about Samsung appliances. It’s technology and practicality combined complimented by it’s stylish-elegant look. You get the best and the latest in home technology and you get to enjoy the simple yet very useful add-ons. Because sometimes adding new cool technological advancement in your home appliances isn’t really enough. It’s the practical things or features that makes a difference. Of course, who wouldn’t want to have No-Frost Inverter Refrigerator that not only saves on power consumption but also the environment.

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Just over a week ago. Samsung along with celebrity moms Tess Prieto-ValdezDaphne Oseña-Paez  and their Yaya who just came from a European vacation, Ian Galliguez, demonstrated how homes would benefit with technology and practicality combined.

An Easy Slide shelf to make storing and removing foods from the refrigerator easy. Now you don’t have to removing everything blocking the one you want to reach and rearrange it again afterwards. You just have to slide it out to reach out the end of it. The shelves can also handle heavy loads.

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Multi Storage Basket should be a necessity in all refrigerators. We not only store food in the refrigerators. I keep my perfumes in the ref as well because they say that the sent last longer when chilled. So does cosmetics, my wife does probably for the same reason. Some medicines also needs to be refrigerated. It’s really a must have on all refrigerators.

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Opening your refrigerator doors will no longer be part of your workout because of the Easy Handle that quickly and easily opens the refrigerator with just a click of a button

LED lighting fixture that brightens every corner of the ref. Now everything doesn’t look yellowish of because of the old bulbs that other refrigerators use. The inside of your refrigerator is now Instagramable.

Moist Fresh Zone creates an ideal environment to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp. Cool Pack keeps the freezer cool for 8hrs in case of power shut off.

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What’s even cooler than this is that this energy-saving digital inverter comes with a 10-Year Warranty.  Most refrigerators don’t even last 10 years. With the new Samsung Top Mount Freezer, they do not only get the most out of technological advancements only Samsung can provide, but more importantly they get to give the best to their families in an efficient and practical way.


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  1. bought this one 2 days ago wala kong masabi lahat ng features nya ok at maganda easy lide maganda din yung crisper at malamig talaga isa na lang yung hinde ko na test dito kung bumaba kuryente ko lets wait and see

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