Thrills and Screams at Sandbox by Alviera

Thrills and Screams at Sandbox by Alviera

There’s a new and unique getaway that thrill seekers will definitely enjoy. Visitors will experience a lot firsts with its array of exciting attractions and adventures that awaits at Sandbox.

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Sandbox was built by Ayala Land, Inc., in partnership with Leonio Land, at vast terrain of Porac, Pampanga.  During the opening representatives from Ayala Land, Leonio Land, and the Mayor Porac, Pampanga lead the unveiling of the adventure park.

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The experience at SandBox gives one a taste of what’s to come upon the full development of Alviera.  We envision Alviera to be the regional growth center of Central Luzon complete with a commercial district, business and industrial park, university zones, retail centers, a country club, recreational areas and residential neighbourhoods.” said John Estacio, Alviera General Manager.

Most of the attractions are made to conquer your fear of heights.  If you you are not sure which adventure to try our first, the Giant Swing will be a great ice breaker. It’s the Philippines’ tallest swing at 10 meters high. There are only two swings available, one of the swing can hold to persons, and you have to go solo on the other, screaming is necessary.

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Once you’ve conquered the giant swing, you will then be prepared to face the rest of the thrills that Sandbox has in store. I recommend that you try the Aerial Walk next. It may look easy, but it is a tough challenge.

There are three tough levels that you have to climb  before you get to the top. Once you’re there you will be zip-lining three levels to back down. The best part is that you will be doing this all on your own. You will be taught on how to use the safety harness and you will be given safety guidelines to follow.

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Another first is the Roller-coaster Zip Line. You will be zig-zagging your way down, it won’t be a smooth ride for you, but it’ll be fun. You have to be fast because there are a lot of thrill seekers lined up for it. I guess because they find it more fun and less scary.

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In the same 15-meter Adventure Tower, there is a provision for a Wall Climbing activity and a the Free Fall which only a few dared try. Did I try out the Free Fall? Of course not, I still haven’t conquered my fear of heights (and falling).

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Aside from the vertical thrills they also have something that would feed your need for speed(I love it when it rhymes). It’s going to take you to an hour of speed and thrill. A 5,000 sqm Pump Track is also available for bikers who want to put their skills to the test.

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ATV and UTV rides at the Sandbox

A themed kiddie playground with picnic areas, mini-golf and camping sites are also available in the area. Kids and the young-at-heart can take advantage of the open space and strong winds by flying a kite or an RC plane, or playing Frisbee and other out door activities.

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Sandbox by Alviera is a 1,125-hectare property easily accessible from Porac Exit (NLEX-SCTEX), and close to the Clark Airport and Subic Freeport.  In time, the Alviera township will boast of open campuses for top-rated schools, its own commercial center, work spaces, a privately-managed transport system,  hotel, country club and residential developments. Open spaces and recreational attractions will also be featured.


The Sandbox is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  For booking guidelines, visit the Alviera website at and on

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