Sarah G is The New Xeleb

Sarah G is The New Xeleb

The popster in me has got me giggling when I found out that I will be meeting the Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo at the launch of her first mobile game —“Sarah G Popsters.” The game was developed in partnership with Xeleb Inc., the same mobile gaming company that brought us Anne Galing with Anne Curtis, Adventures of Kuya Kim with Kim Atienza,Trip Ni Belle with Isabelle Daza, and Market Master with Erwan Heussaff.

Sarah G Xeleb

Xeleb Games

The launch was attended by the Popstar Princess herself with a heart-stopping perfomance. The voice that has captured millions can now be heard as she cheers on you while you’re playing the game. “Sarah G Popsters lets Sarah’s fans follow her on a concert tour. Popsters unlock new Sarah songs as they level-up,” says Raymond Racaza, CEO of Xeleb.

Sarah is the biggest popstar in the Philippines. We’re absolutely excited to launch her game,” says Racaza.

Xeleb - Sarah G-24

The game does not require you to play it for hours or use most of your time. It’s game you play when you need a quick entertainment like waiting in line, on a trip back to your office and back, or unleashin the Kraken in the bathroom.

Mobile games have driven the growth of Xurpas, Xeleb’s parent company, this year. In its Q3 disclosure, Xurpas already reported revenues surpassing the half a billion peso mark year-to-date. Mobile games represent Xurpas’ largest and fastest growing business.

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Sarah G Popsters is available for download on Google Play.

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