An Election Day Prayer by Senator Honasan

Below is prayer written by the good senator himself while he was being detained in Laguna before he was able to post bail and run for senator in 2007. The painting was from his son Martin Honasan.


“God Almighty, at this time in our nation’s history, grant that the Filipino people and their candidates may transcend anger, hatred, personal motives and vindictiveness. Give our electorate the wisdom to choose their leaders wisely, based on proven performance, the capacity for sacrifice and hard work, and the ability to make difficult decisions for the long-term benefit of our nation. Help our people to see beyond mere personalities devoid of platforms for governance. And teach our elected leaders to value the public trust and privilege that has been given them. Allow the coming political exercise to revive and strengthen our weakened institutions through the restoration of the will of the majority and adherence to the rule of law and due process. This we implore for the future of our nation, and of our children. Amen”

Senator Gregorio B. Honasan


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