Sérye, A Series of Good Food

Sérye, A Series of Good Food

Coming from a generation of foodie, Sérye was created with the aim to provide visitors not just eat but a place where they would enjoy the look and feel of the restaurant. A place where people will stay a bit more to hangout, entertain, get together and bond over their favorite Filipino food.

True enough, the the look and feel of the place very much different from the other Filipino restaurants that I have been to that are very traditional, or for a lack of a better term, outdated. Sérye was able to mix modern architecture and local artistry to give visitors a fresh look at Filipino restaurants.

Sérye is an anagram of “Reyes”, the owner’s great-grandmother’s last name. Coming from a family of foodie, Sérye also means succession and it is a continuation of what the family is best at. From Aristocrat, to Mama Sita, and now Sérye.

To start with, I ordered my favorite Filipino refreshment, Gulaman at Sago and paired ordered Pomelo Salad for an additional refreshing zest to counter the effects of global warming outside. A mixture of perfectly riped pomelo and lettuce with sweet-soury vinaigrette.


Nothing beats a Crispy Pata, unless it’s a Boneless Crispy Pata which leaves nothing on the plate. No bones for you to nibble on just pure succulent meat and crispy pork skin with atchara and a vinegar mix for dipping. My friends, the Boneless Crispy Pata.


Another crispy dish to consider is a mash up of the two popular Ilocano dishes, Bagnet at Pinakbet. A Filipino favorite deep fried pork dish, meat and skin is crispy but not dry, sauteed in shrimp paste and served with vegetables.


Representing the southern tip of Luzon is the Laing con Camaron Rebosado. Laing is mainly dried taro leaves, coconut cream and ground pork. Sérye topped it with deep-fried battered shrimp dish that went well with the Laing flavor.


Bistek is really something that I want to perfect, Bangus Belly ala Bistek reminded me of just how bad my bistek skills are. Bangus bistek is something worth experimenting on now that I tasted how good it is.


Just like it’s repetitive name, the Classic Kare-Kare it’s worth repeating and re-ordering. The beef-annatto broth was made creamy, not with peanut butter but by rice and home-made roasted nuts, pounded and mashed to thicken the sauce. The vegetables aren’t soggy and the ox tail and tripe are flavorful and aren’t hard to chew.


A classic Filipino meryenda given a modern twist with vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup, Banan and Langka Turon. Best paired with gulaman at sago and an Eraserheads playlist playing in the background to give you that nostalgic feeling.


A popular treat during the holiday season is the bigingka, a billowy rice and coconut cream pancake topped with shaved coconut, kesong puti and salted duck eggs. It’s best paired with Serye’s  hot Tsokolate or Siphon Brewed Coffee. It’s good for sharing, but not recommended, for it’s too good to share.


Sérye-natics favorite dessert is the Macapuno Pandan Cake, a pandan cake with toasted grated coconut. Fresh pandan (not syrup) are used to give flavor and natural pandan color.


A halo-halo bar will open, most likely before summer so that you can make your own combination of sweets and preserves topped with fine shaved ice.

Aside from it’s new Illusatrado look, Sérye creates Klub Sérye a membership rewards program for Sérye-natics. Members are entitled to special discounts and freebies. Just for signing up they are giving away 20% Discount e-Coupons upon signing up. Just ask any server for the sign up sheet.

Here’s what you get when you sign up as a member.

  • Reward Points Earning
    Points are earned whenever Klub members make a purchase in a Sérye store. Points can be used to avail of reward items. The list of gift items will be communicated through email.
  • Monthly e-Coupons
    Members receive a special e-coupon for discounts or freebies each month.
  • Birth Month Benefit
    On their birth month, members get a 10% discount at any Sérye Outlet and will earn double reward points.
  • Birthday Benefit
    Aside from the birth month discount, members who celebrate their actual birthday in a Sérye outlet will receive a special birthday gift (or a dessert item of equivalent value).
  • Surprise Deals and Promos
    Members of the Klub will receive regular notifications on deals and promos exclusive to them through their mobile phones.
  • InvitaIon to Sérye events
    Members get invitations and priority reservations at special Sérye dining events.

A lot of new things are happening at Sérye and people will love it. One thing remains unchanged, they never compromise on food quality. They have very high standards when it comes to food, the owners are hands-on and plays a big role in recipe development. It’s in their taste buds, it’s in their genes.

Visit Sérye at these two branches.

Sérye Quezon City
Quezon Memorial Circle, Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City
(02) 9243411 / (02) 4262693
Operating hours: 7:00 am to 9:00 pm

Sérye Sucat
Santana Grove, Dr. A. Santos Avenue, San Antonio, Parañaque City
(02) 8254691 / (02) 8269317
Operating hours: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

Website www.Sérye.ph
Facebook /Séryeph
Twitter @Séryeph
Instagram @Séryeph

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  1. Thank you for the great review Ryan! Happy to know that you enjoyed your Serye Experience. See you again soon!

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