My First at Seven on 7th

My First at Seven on 7th

Seven on 7th, the youngest and the latest in modern European dining located in BGC’s newly constructed commercial strip Forum South Global at 7th Avenue has recently opened, amplifying the city’s vibrant milieu of dining destinations.

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The interior of Seven on 7th  is well lit with elegant lamps and stylish walls and ceiling. The seats are very comfortable, and the high seat rest is great for those who want to have privacy. The over all interior is very classy, much like dining inside a five star hotel.

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Seven on 7th was founded by four friends who have different taste palettes when it comes to food. Friends who are from different fields or line of profession, one of them is a  lawyer. The menu comes from their collaboration of their favorite dishes and the best of what they have discovered eating from across the country and the rest of the globe.  Assisting them in the creation of dishes is Chef Rollan who graduated as one of the top students among their batch and eventually became a Faculty Assistant at the world renowned ISCAHM (International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management).

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Find the lawyer.

Witness the action and drama inside the kitchen through the glass wall. Watch them as they showcase their talents and prepare your order.

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For starters we were served the Seven Bistro Salad. A bowl of mixed greens, herbed chicken, grilled onglet, sesame crusted tuna, micro greens, mango chevre, capers, black olives, orange and lemon supremes. Served three salad dressings.

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Wil Mushroom Soup is a fresh combination of button mushroom, shiitake, cremini, enoki, mushroom sautee, and truffle oil.

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Our favorite from the menu is the Seafood Bisque soup, which has the soup served separately. It includes squid ceviche, mussel, prawn, crab fat, prawn bisque, coconut milk, cilantro, green chilies.

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The soup is then poured slowly into the bowl of seafood goodness.

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What came as a surprise is the Vegetable Lasagna. It was my second time to taste vegetable lasagna. The first was at my kids school around 5 years ago, made my renowned raw food expert, teacher Auchee.  Vegetable lasagna will be a perfect choice if you bring kids along with you. It’s so good they wouldn’t know that it’s vegetable. It  has shiitake, eggplant, zucchini, mozzarella, and fresh pasta.

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Ginger Lemongrass Chicken Confit is chicken leg quarter, saffron pilaf, sauteed asparagus, sweet soy served with long grain rice.

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Hanger Steak is grilled onglet, rice pilaf, haricot verts.

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White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Basil Cremeux is made from almond streusel, strawberry coulis, and fresh fruits.

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Seven on 7th is open Tuesday – Sunday starting 11:00am until 10:00pm. You may also get in touch with them for reservation (lunch and dinner) at these numbers: +63 917-8409876 and +63 917 577 2720

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Connect with Seven on 7th on Facebook and Instagram @sevenon7th for the latest daily, weekly and monthly offerings and promos.

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