Shakey’s Tasty Throwback: The New Shakey’s Pizza 1954

Shakey’s Tasty Throwback: The New Shakey’s Pizza 1954

Who would not love the 50’s – great music, stylish people, scenic beauty, and great food. There are only a few things that make people happy and it isn’t a gadget, it’s either music and good food. Now, Shakey’s is bringing back on of the reason’s why guests frequents Shakey’s Pizza Parlor and the secret is in the crust – the Shakey’s Pizza 1954. Shakey’s brought us back in the 50’s with the 1954 themed event with wonderful people,  great music and good food.

Shakey's 1954 1

Shakey's 1954 3

The new Shakey’s Pizza 1954 comes in a new yummy soft gourmet dough crust new chewy topped with fresh Rosemary and Basil leaves, juicy morsels of Italian sausage and Angus beef, slices of Pepperoni, 100% Mozzarella cheese, savory red onions, and a sprinkling of Parmesan.

This is truly an innovation for Shakey’s since we are the first in the pizza category to offer contemporary gourmet pizza,” says Koi Castillo, Brand Manager for Shakey’s. “We will further develop this new category of Shakey’s pizza and create more iconic products for our Guests.

Shakey's 1954 5

Shakey's 1954 4

It’s a pizza like I never tasted before, gourmet pizza at its best. Wait there’s more… in celebration of the launch of Shake’s Pizza 1954, they are giving away one (1) Mini Cooper! Just order the Pizza 1954 with a pitcher or bottomless Coca-Cola product and you earn a raffle ticket. You can also earn a raffle ticket by ordering the Monster Meal Deal and choose Pizza 1954.  Click HERE for more info.

Shakey's 1954 2

The new Shakey’s Pizza 1954 (Php. 450) is currently available in all Shakey’s restaurants, nationwide.

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