Shakey’s Mojito, Margarita, and Spiced Chicken and Mojos

Shakey’s is heating things up by adding a degree of spiciness on our all-time favorite twosome Chicken N Mojos. No, this is not just another spiced up version of a dish, just like are used to. Shakey’s did a good job maintaining the awesome flavor that we love from the Chicken N Mojos and the secret blend of pepper and spice they added did not overpower them.

Shakey's Mojito (14 of 20)

Shakey’s is also giving refreshing cocktail additions to the Shakey’s restaurant bar: the Shakey’s Mojito and the Frozen Margarita. The Shakey’s Mojito is a refreshing blend of soda and white rum made even more soothing with crushed mint leaves and cucumber, the best kind of cocktail to run to after a long day’s work. The Frozen Margarita is Shakey’s interpretation of the world’s favorite tropical cocktail. It is a sweet and tangy blue lemonade crush, spiked with a dose of premium Tequila, perfect for any big or small celebration.

Shakey's Mojito (19 of 20)

Shakey’s Mojito, Margarita, and Spiced Chicken and Mojos is the combination that will extend your bonding moments with friends and family. It’s going to keep the fun coming and the good times rolling.

Shakey's Mojito (17 of 20)

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