Shakey’s Is Bringing The Fun Back

Shakey’s is the first pizza parlor that I have ever been. It was around 1989 or 1988 at Magallanes when I first get to taste a pan pizza and the first time I get to experience fun inside a restaurant. Because of that experience, it became my personal standard of what a pizza parlor should be. But over the years, Shakey’s has changed. I remember walking in seeing a huge bulky television broadcasting a PBA game while men in their late 20’s are drinking beer and cheering for their teams. I walked out disappointed.

Vicente L. Gregorio, CEO of Shakey’s saw that and believes that it has to change. He, himself started as a crew at Shakey’s when he also experienced that joy of the Shakey’s experience brings and he wants to go back to basic, go back to why Shakey’s was built in the first place.  He, along with his team, decided to focus to bringing the fun back in Shakey’s.


Because of this, Shakey’s has reach double digit growth in the past 20 years. People are now going back to Shakey’s, families, friends and office mates. You’ll rarely see an individual eating alone. “Pizza is meant to be shared,” says Vicente L. Gregorio, CEO of Shakey’s. “It is natural to share pizza, big or small, with other people-family, friends, or even strangers.”


The fun was brought back, the joy of dining at Shakey’s was to be experienced again. They also maintained the classics – Manager’s Choice, Friday Special, Angus Steakhouse, and Belly Buster number among a few of the brand’s more popular variants. Who couldn’t resist the brand’s awesome twosome Chicken ‘N Mojos™. Guests will also get to taste their latest addition, including the Lemon Cucumber Cooler which I like.


Shakey’s only continues to innovate, keeping up with the changing mindset of their modern diners.  They launched the PCM Shakey’s App that allows patrons to conveniently order Pizza, Chicken, and Mojos , depending on their group sizes, using their mobile phones.  There’s also Send-A-Shakey’s wherein any person can conveniently send Shakey’s treats to his family or friends in any locations where a Shakey’s store operates, from anywhere in the world! Shakey’s on Wheels brings catering to remote kiddie parties, corporate events, open-field concerts, school fairs, homecomings, fiestas, and other occasions


Shakey’s latest innovation exhibits a change in image and ambiance to feature the present family-oriented, wholesome, and clean atmosphere. Constantly in tune with their roots, the brand maintains the warmth and familiarity that have made their stores a sensation.



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