Slappy Cakes Has Arrived In The Philippines

Slappy Cakes Has Arrived In The Philippines

Slappy Cakes opened in 2009 in Portland Oregon, USA and has become on of the most popular breakfast hubs with it one of a kind dining experience.

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Create your own pancakes. Each table has griddles built into it allowing customer to be creative and cook and their own pancakes how every they want to.

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Each bottle of batter costs around P200 – P250 which they say is good for four diners.  Available in Buttermilk, Whole Grain, Peanut Butter, Vega, and Chocolate.

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Be creative and create your own characters, shapes or whatever just make sure it doesn’t over cook. You can have additional fixins  –  chocolate chips, apples, mangoes, bananas, raisins, blueberries, coconut and nutella.

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Then some toppings – honey, creamy peanut butter, lemon curd, apple sauce, chocolate sauce, spring onion sour cream, whipped cream, maple syrup and cherry….  syrup.

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And finally you can add some a bit of savory to it – bacon, sausage, chorizos, smoked ham, cheddar cheese, salted duck egg, assorted mushrooms, spring onions, white cheese, cashew nuts and peanuts.

Honestly, those savory add-ons makes it look like I’m making pizza.  It was a fun  experience though it was hot inside because there were a lot of people dining plus all of them are making pancakes.

Aside from their first store at Eastwood, Libis, they will be opening six stores this year and more next year. I hope they have near Ortigas.

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