SM Ladies’ Fashion Plus Size Model Search 2013 Winners

SM Ladies’ Fashion Plus Size Model Search Year 2 Winner has been announced. In it’s commitment to support women of all body types, SM Ladies Fashion encourages women to flaunt their natural shape with chic clothes specially tailored for those sexy curves.

SM Ladies’ Fashion Plus Size Model Search 2013 ran from April 15 to June 16 leaving 8 finalists to compete for the grand prize and to become an SM Ladies’ Fashion Ambassador.

The event was hosted by the pretty Suzy of Magic 89.9 together with last year’s winner Jenna Pertgen. Jenna shared how becoming an SM Ladies’ Fashion Ambassador has changed her life.

SM Ladies-13

The lovely ladies had one last run at the catwalk before the winners are announced. They were all beautiful and deserves to win. The clothes they were proved that for the body size they have, you don’t have to settle to for dark colors to look sexy. You can be sexy with any dress you wear.

SM Ladies-19

And now, the winners…

SM Ladies-41

My bet won first place, but like I mentioned, they all deserved to win. They best represent women of all shapes and sizes, giving them the confidence and inspiration. Wonder if they’ll have plus size for men fashion ambassador, it’ll be time to flaunt those beer bellies.

Til next year!


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