Understanding Glutathione with Vida NutriSciences and Kohjin

Understanding Glutathione with Vida NutriSciences and Kohjin

I was never interested in Glutathione because all I know it that it makes your skin lighter and I was not into it because I’m already attractive and I like how I look. Plus there are rumors that glutathione has negative effects on our body including gastrointestinal pain and skin allergies. These rumors were debunked by Mr. Yusuke Sauchi & Ms. Hitomi from Kohjin Life Sciences with Dr. Wataru Aoi, Medicine Associate Professor from Kyoto Prefectural University at the event I attended yesterday Aug 17, 2016 at Hotel Jen in Manila by VIDA NutriSciences.

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Ms. Hitomi of Kohjin Life Sciences explained that Glutathione exists in every cell of our body and although its function is complex and remains to be studied. It is confirmed that it help detoxify the body, activates liver function, serves as antioxidant and free radicals in the body. It is also known to beautify the skin and help relieve muscle fatigue.

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According to Dr. Wataru Aoi, Glutathaione (GSH) speeds up burning fatty acids in the mitochondria which gives the needed energy by the heart to pump. It also improves muscle performance by increasing cellular energy neutralizing toxic free radicals and decreasing lactic acid. Heavy exercise, stress, pollution, alcohol, and smoking are just some of the common factors that deplete our natural glutathione levels.

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I just realized that there is so much to glutathione that I don’t know and we really have to stop hating or judging what we don’t understand. For alcohol drinkers it advised that you take glutathione prior to drinking alcohol as it significantly decreases hangover symptoms (nausea, vomiting, concentration and headache).

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Kohjin is the world’s number 1 producer of Glutathione and is certified by the USA FDA and Halal certified. Kohjin Life Sciences will to continue to study the health benefits of GSH and educate the consumers on the benefits of Glutathione specially in the Philippines were taking Glutathione has become a trend. It is important that we understand what we take inside our bodies and that we know where they came from.

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For more information Vida NutriScience and about their products, visit their site at  www.vidanutriscience.com and their facebook page Facebook.com/SnowGluta Instagram – @snowwhitening and Twitter – @snowgluta

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