Sony Levels Up With It’s New Line Up of 4K Televisions

Sony Levels Up With It’s New Line Up of 4K Televisions

Sony releases new addition to its line up of 4K televisions with four times more beautiful from any angle.  The 65-inch and 55-inch screen sizes in its KD-X9004A Series comes with new features that makes you want to go 4K already.

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It’s all about movie magic — when images and sound are so clear and so vivid that they totally engross you. Sony’s 4K technology does this. It means 8 million pixels of pure visual bliss. Look at a 4K Bravia and it doesn’t feel like you’re watching a TV. It feels like you’re watching the world,” said Diokno

First, it comes with 4k X-Reality PRO which upscales your source instantly. We know that 4K contents are still not readily available, everybody is on 1080p HD contents still. The X-Reality PRO upscales your current DVD, Blueray and even YouTube and smart phone videos to near native 4K resolution. It won’t look stretched at all. It upgrades the contents, not stretch it.

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Next is the Triluminous Display gives you an more colors than giving you incredible spectrum of vivid and natural colors that are so life-like.

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The Sony KD-X9004A Series line-up also comes with the world’s first Magnetic Fluid Speakers. It allows sound to travel with minimal loss in level and quality so you’ll hear very note, every word in clearer, fuller, high-fidelity sound. It also comes with 3D Front Force Surround Sound a built-in passive radiattor and tweeter in one neat speaker cabinet.

The 55 and 65 inch is priced at P299K and P399K consectively, the 84 inch is priced at P1.2M which is rumoured to have owned by four people in the contry. (Napoles, maybe?)

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