Sony USB On-The-Go

Sony USB On-The-Go

One of my favorite gadget accessory for 2014 is the Sony USB On-The-Go mainly because I can share files between my computer and my android phone easily. I use it to watch a movie or a TV series or to simply access some files.

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It comes in 8, 16, 32, and 64GB storage capacity. I have some movies and TV shows saved in it. I plug it into my TV and watch and if I need to catch up, I just bring the Sony USB On-The-Go with me and plug it in my phone to continue watching. It’s very useful especially if I no longer have enough storage in my phone.

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It is also ideal for sharing files from your tablet to your phone or phone to another phone, compatible with Android 4.03 and up. The only thing it can’t do is connecting it to a computer and a phone or tablet simultaneously, It won’t work.

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It has a very stylish design and feels very classy. It has a cap that protects the micro USB port with its smart lock function and it also has a LED indicator. This tiny little accessory is made from a durable metal and comes in black, white, and purple.

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How much? I’m not sure, but it’ll probably be around P1,000 to P5,000 depending on storage capacity. This will be a perfect gift for a techie friend, or you can just buy one for yourself.

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