Starbucks Holiday Grand Launch 2016 at Shangri La Plaza

Starbucks Holiday Grand Launch 2016 at Shangri La Plaza

The sticker craze is back and planners and more and more planners are being claimed everyday at Starbucks. Whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t help but admire the new planners. It’s the best looking 2017 planner I’ve seen this year.

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Both designs are worth keeping and worth nine (9) Starbucks Core Handcrafted Beverage + nine (9) Holiday Featured Beverages. During the first day, I already saw enthusiasts claiming planners. There were supervisors who bought coffee for their teams then claiming the planners. That’s how eager they are to get their hands on the 2017 Starbucks Planner. As for me, I have four Holiday Featured Beverages stickers.

Starbucks Coffee’s new flavor for the holiday is the Santa Hat Dark Mocha Blended Frappucino® Blended Beverage. Dark mocha topped with a crafted Santa Hat made with classic and Strawberry whipped cream, strawberry drizzle and a dollop of snowy white whipped cream on top.


Shangri La Mall was packed during the Starbucks Holiday Grand Launch 2016. They were all excited about what the Starbucks has in store for 2016. Coffee experts were also there to answer coffee related questions and demonstrated a new way of coffee brewing or something. I forgot what the process was called.

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Collectors were delighted to see the new Starbucks merchandises and holiday cards. I like the local designs more than the rest. The Cebu and Manila holiday mugs are on my list this year. Reward card collectors will have plenty of designs to choose from. This year’s Snowman and Holiday Tree Cards have a backdrop of wintery scenes in a hand-painted finish, while the Happy Holidays Card decked with mistletoe and holiday holly will be offered for the first time here in the Philippines.

The Red Cup Card comes with a Kraft sleeve carrier mimicking an authentic cafe Red Cup.

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A long list of new and returning featured food items were presented and tasted during the launch. Among the new food items were:

  • Chocolate Tofee Nut Loaf
    Moist and decadent chocolate loaf topped with chocolate and toffee.
  • Peppermint Brownie
    Moist and chewy chocolate brownie with peppermint cheese filling and topped with chocolate ganache.
  • Gingerbread Cookie
    A polar bear gingerbread cookie decorated with sugar icing.
  • Chicken Fajita Roll
    A tortilla filled with mouth-watering Mexican flavored chicken breast fillet.
  • Chocolate Crepe Cake
    Seventeen (17) layers of crêpe with Belgian chocolate cream in between each layer.
  • Chicken and Turkey with Cranberry Sauce on Croissant Baguette
    Slow-cooked chicken and turkey marinated in Christmas spices, thick cranberry sauce and sweet and salty apple stuffing on a light and buttery croissant baguette. Best served warm.
  • Croque Monsieur Baguette
    A flaky butter croissant baguette filled with slow-roasted honey ham, Fontina and Emmental cheese then topped with béchamel sauce and grated cheese. Best served warm.

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Starbucks Holidays has become a holiday tradition, it’s like it ain’t Christmas yet until Starbucks announces it. The holidays at Starbucks are a time to rejoice, with traditions rooted in more than four decades of passion for coffee and experiences and the connections that are inspired by the spirit of the season. Starting November 2, Starbucks beloved holiday beverages will return for a limited time, crafted by hand and heart. The signature Red Cup will be available November 10.