Stop Fighting and Start Something

Stop Fighting and Start Something

Got a great idea in mind, a business plan or a goal but you got stuck in the driver seat even though you hold the key? This book will help you ignite and shift to first gear, until you move forward and accelerate.

Start Something: Jumpstart The Work You’ve Been Dreaming Of is about the many things we want to achieve but fail because we are too wise to make excuses not to begin and too dumb to choose to believe that the excuses that we create  are real hurdles.
Yeng Remulla (1 of 2)
Start Something does not only applies to starting up a business, it applies to everything that we wanted to do but for some reason can’t make that first step. It makes us realize that the scenarios we have foreseen are not actually real, they’re products of our brilliant mind, subconsciously planting excuses deep in our brain making it look real (yup, Inception).
The book covers all possible excuses I can think of and explains why it’s considered an excuse to uncover the lies you told your self. I found out that there is a lot that I need to learn an unlearn if you want your ideas/plans to start rolling. It inspires and at the same time it slaps you in the face for making those excuses.
Yeng Remulla (2 of 2)
What I like about the book is that it’s based on the author’s personal experience and the situations that he uses is very much Filipino. It makes it easy for us to understand and relate to it, it becomes easier to digest and absorb. Makes you stop and say “Oo nga noh?!

“Remember the first time you sang at the videoke? At first ,you didn’t want to sing, but when it was time to pass the mic, you didn’t want to let it go!”

Start Something is written by the same author who gave us the best seller, Productive Pinoy – Yeng Remulla. I have yet to get my copy of this book. I just feel that I have to get myself a copy of it after reading the book. Check out his website at like his Facebook Page and follow him on Twitter.

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