What’s New with Super Bowl of China?… Everything

Super Bowl of China is one of our favorite food spots during family celebrations and even on simple gatherings and we are happy with its new and fresher look. The visual and architectural change gave Super Bowl of China a more inviting feel while retaining its brand’s heritage.

SuperBowl 11

The first of the many stores to have been given its new look is the SM Megamall branch located at the 4th level of the SM Megamall Atrium. Completing the dining experience that customers are raving about are the food and as a way to introduce the “new” Super Bowl, Super Bowl of China added new dishes at a limited time offer only.

Beef Hofan – Shanghai flat noodles sauteed in an oyster and dark soy sauce blend and topped with premium tender beef slices, white onions, and onion leeks.

SuperBowl 8

Beef with Ampalaya & Black Beans – Tender slices of beef and thinly sliced bitter melon sauteed with mushroom, black beans and select spices, then drizzled with oyster sauce and dark soy sauce.

SuperBowl 7

Hot Chicken Salad – Boneless battered chicken fillet tossed in homemade mayonaise and assorted fruits, topped withlemon rind.

SuperBowl 3

Pork Wanton with Mala Sauce – Steamed ground pork meat in wanton wrapper topped with a mildly spicy Mala sauce.

SuperBowl 2

Red Bean Milk Tea (left image) – Brewed Chinese tea blended with milk and topped with sweet red beans. I just added Buchi in the photo because they both are currently my favorite at Super Bowl of China.

SuperBowl 10

If you love dimsum and can’t get enough of the dimsum sampler, then get the Dimsum Platter. It includes fried dumplings, hakao, spring rolls, pork siomai, and siopao.

SuperBowl 1

What keeps us coming back to Super Bowl of China? Well, there’s the Lemon Chicken, breaded filet of chicken served with Worcestershire sauce and spicy salt on the side; Sweet and Sour Pork, succulent breaded pork cutlets in sweet, sour and savory sauce.

SuperBowl 4

SuperBowl 6

Aside from buchi, you can also get prepare your own taho for desert. The well-loved taho is served with tapioca balls and sweet syrup which customers can add to their liking.

Super Bowl 9

Super Bowl of China is still the place to enjoy the pleasure of eating Chinese comfort food. It’s new fresh and inviting look will bring in new customers and make regular customers excited and revisit the restaurant and relish once again the Super Bowl of China dining experience, just like what we did after watching a movie.

Super Bowl

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