Superteam Philippines Accelerates Web3 Journey with Grand Launch Event

Superteam Philippines Accelerates Web3 Journey with Grand Launch Event

Superteam, the Solana ecosystem’s talent powerhouse, officially launched in the Philippines, and I was lucky enough to snag an invite to their awesome event in Taguig City. It was packed with techies, developers, and some really big names in the industry. James Florentino of ChainCrisis, Jen Bilango of CoinsPH, and Roxanne Aviñante of DOST-ASTI –, seriously cool crowd!

Emerson Fonseca, the guy spearheading Superteam Philippines, was pumped. He said, “We’re not just talking about a community with Superteam Philippines; it’s an entire movement! We’re super focused on boosting your Web3 skills and creating a place where you can learn, earn, build, and have some major fun while you’re at it.

So, what the heck is Superteam?

Think of Superteam as your superhero squad for all things Solana. They’re dedicated to helping people like you and me navigate Web3. We’re talking awesome content, boot camps, resources, and community calls—everything you need to become a decentralized whiz kid.

How will Superteam PH change the game?

Check out their goals; these guys are seriously ambitious.

  • Meet-ups Galore: Picture over 10,000 Web3 enthusiasts chilling at meet-ups. That’s Superteam’s plan!
  • Across the Islands: Over 100 events all over the Philippines—get ready for some Web3 road trips.
  • Developer Dreams: Get this—they’re aiming for over 2,000 hackathon registrations.

Here’s How Superteam PH Will Help You Win in Web3:

  • Get Smart: Tons of training to satisfy your Web3 curiosity and pave a career path—content, boot camps, you name it.
  • Make Some Bank: Bounties, grants, Solana career connections—their platform has it all!
  • Let’s Build: Global online hackathons and demos where you get expert mentoring and bring your ideas to life.
  • Relax and Network: Meet-ups and hacker houses for making lasting connections.

What is their big plan for making all this happen? It’s called the PH Superspaces initiative. With all the events and hackathons they’ve got planned, Superteam is going to transform the Philippine tech scene.

Want to keep up with Superteam Philippines? Hit up SuperteamPHL for all the info.

Let me know what you think—are you ready to join the Superteam movement?