Taste and Experience Spanish Culture at Tapeo: Tapas and Wine Bar

Taste and Experience Spanish Culture at Tapeo: Tapas and Wine Bar

If there was one thing that I like being ruled by Spain for over 300 years is inheriting their great dishes which has become part of our daily menu, they gave us arroz valenciana, mechado, asado, kaldereta, and many more.  Those were  just a taste of what Spanish cooking has to offer, they a lot more that will surprise your taste buds.  Tapeo: Tapas and Wine Bar will not only let you taste a Spanish cooking in a different level , but they will also give you one of kind Spanish dining experience.

The word “Tapas” literally means to cover, then a variety of appetizers or snacks (I thought it was marinated meat)are placed on top of the cover, so don’t expect any tapsilog here.

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Tapeo is own and managed  and operated by the MonDay Chefs, not because they’re from the That’s Entertainment Monday Group, it was just a combination of both their names – Mon Urbano and Day Salonga.

The place is best for intimate gatherings with friends and family. It’s cozy and the ambiance is so inviting, not to mention its fast beat Spanish music that makes you stand shout Ole! There are also a couple of tables outside, enough place for you to hang out with your buddies. Tapeo also has enough room to accommodate exclusive events and functions or you can bring Tapeo at your party, just book a day in advance.

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Before we head on to the dishes let’s sip and let the fun start rolling with their best-selling Maset Blanco and Tapeo Sangria. These sophisticated drinks are rich in flavors and are best paired with Tapas.  I’m not a wine person, but some say it’s good for the heart so it doesn’t hurt to have a glass or two.

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I have just consumed half of the wine poured into my glass when the food started coming. Timing is just about right. It started with a vegetable salad,  the Lechuga Roman con Cabrales. Based on my Spanish it’s romaine lettuce and a small cobra, but of course I’m wrong. It did have romaine lettuce but no cobra –  cabrales was actually a type of cheese from the north of Spain. It also has tomatoes, apple slices, honey roasted almonds and crumbled blue cheese with roasted apple piňon dressing.

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Next we have the Tortilla de Patatas y Jamon Serrano. It isn’t your typical omelet as it has dry-cured Spanish ham and served with aiolisauce made of garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and usually egg yolks. It’s a lot better than what I serve at home.

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Manchego Frito or fried manchego cheese. Anything with cheese is a thumbs up for me except the fried chicken that was showered with cheese flavored chips. The manchego frito is just great, I wish that I can munch on this now while writing.

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The Angulas. This one’s special and it is one of the most memorable dish I’ve eaten. Baby eels in garlic infused oil. I’ve eaten bugs, bayawak, and even frogs, but nothing prepared me for those cute little adorable eels. I contemplated, hesitated, had second thoughts, then went on with it. Don’t get me wrong, it is good especially when paired with bread, but it just doesn’t look enticing to me.


Let’s move on to the next dish, Cerdo al Horno, the best version of pork and beans.  I’m a sucker for canned pork and beans and this just had me at hello. It was love at first sight. Those crispy roasted belly served in fabada or spanish bean stew, and zaffron rice was as just as good staring at as it is being eaten. Isn’t it amazing?!

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Next are the skewered goodies – Pinchos de Pollo (chicken), Pinchos de Cordero (lamb), Pinchos de Atun (tuna). All are served with zafforn rice. The meat are tasty, I don’t know what herbs or spices they marinated it with but it does punch and kick good, I’m sure Vhong Navarro can attest to it.

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Costillas Asadas – Spanish pork riblets barbeque served with Patatas Bravas. The pork riblest are good, but the patatas bravas are better and we just have to get another serving of it. It’s healthier and better tasting than fries and mojos. I believe it was the patatas bravas that made this shine.

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For desserts they have Churros con Chocolate and Brazo de Tapeo. The churros con chocolate is a fried dough pastry sprinkled with sugar and served with chocolate dip, it’s perfect with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate on a rainy day. Brazo de Tapeo is Brazo de Mercedes’ sister from another baker, also called as the gypsy cake. It’s more sinful.

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When I mentioned experience Spain, I really meant it. On Wednesdays at 8pm, alternating are “Baile Flamenco” with Spain’s Senor Juan Antonio and “La Guitarra” (Spanish Guitar Night) with Classic Guitarist Iyo Enginco. During these days you have to be prepared to dance as Senor Juan Antonio will take you from your table and make you dance the flamenco. Don’t worry he’ll be guiding you along the way.

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Philippines’ Penelope Cruz dancing with Spain’s Senor Juan Antonio

Tapeo proved that there is more to Spanish dishes that what we grew up with, we just haven’t discovered it yet. Head on to Tapeo and have a taste of traditional Spanish food.

Location: The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Phone number: (02) 5562668

Social Media accounts: www.facebook.com/Tapeo.ph Instagram: Tapeo

Take advantage of their ongoing promos:

Unlimited Tapas
Monday to Saturday – 2pm to 9pm
Sunday – 6pm to 10pm

Happy Hour – 50% on all classic cocktails
Monday to Friday – 2pm to 7pm
Sat and Sunday – 6pm onwards

WineDown Wednesday – 50% OFF on featured wine
Wednesdays – 6pm onwards

Sangria Weekend – Buy 1 and Get 2nd pitcher 50% OFF*
Buy 1 Red Sangria and Get White Sangria 50% OFF or Buy White Sangria and get Red Sangria 50% OFF
Saturday and Sunday – 6pm onwards

Lunch for 3 for only P650.00
Which includes main course, drinks and dessert
Monday to Saturday 11am to 2pm

Restaurant Hours:
Monday and Tuesday: 11am to 12mn
Wednesday and Thursday: 11am to 1am
Friday and Saturday: 11am to 2am
Sunday: 11am-2pm and 6pm to 10pm

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