Team O Relives O, Wow! Moments

Team O Relives O, Wow! Moments

Oishi’s Team O’ got back together to relive their O, Wow! moments. Team O includes Elmo Magalona, Tim Yap, Ramon Bautista, Gang Badoy and Slater Young.

During the event they had quick game to break the ice. It’s a game that tested their Oishi knowledge. questions were from Wafu flavors to naming all Oishi snacks.

After the ice breaker, each of the Team O’ members relived their O, Wow! moments and shared their experiences.

Elmo Magalona and Tim Yap took it to the skies in a chopper and showered Marcelo H. del Pilar High School in Bulacan with thousands of Oishi snacks last July 20. Moments later, once the chopper has landed, Elmo and Tim stepped out of it and surprised the kids with an impromptu concert.

Elmo remembered how scary it was sitting at an open helicopter and throwing out Oishi O’ Wow  snacks down the field.

Ramon Bautista surprised the Polytechnic University of the Philippines during the 31st  of August. On top of that, the runners had snacks attached to their bodies that the students could grab.

My favorite O, Wow! moment was when Sandwich did a flash gig right at the food court of Glorietta last September 26. I was able o witness that event. It’s no every day that you get to see Sandwich play live, up close(very close). Better than any concert.

Always the advocate for social change, Rock Ed’s founder, Gang Badoy, took the opportunity to promote anti-bullying, saying that an O, Wow! Life is one full of respect and dignity.

The most memorable O, Wow! moment (for girls) was when the boy-next-door heartthrob, Slater Young visited Philippine Women’s University and Emilio Aguinaldo College to surprise students in the photo booth. Watch the video, all you hear are girls screaming and an O, Wow! moment at 1:07.

The Team O missions have been memorable O, Wow! moments not only for Oishi and co-conspirators, but also the people who got a first-hand experience of the surprises. You’ll never know what’s up the sleeves of Oishi, so you better keep your eyes peeled. There could be more surprises, or even additions to Team-O’s roster next year.

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